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There are 3-4 prompts associated with ACH of the first 5 weeks of class. You will not turn this assignment in until week 7, but there are specific Ass’s related to this assignment each week to help keep you on track. Part Two of this assignment will be an extended journal entry in which you will chronicle various events in your life leading from enrolling at GU, through program completion, and career success. Both part One and Two will be due at the end of week 7. Format Requirements: Please read format expectations for each part of this assignment. Grading Criteria: This assignment uses a grading rubric.

Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment. Part One: To be completed in Weeks 1 through 5 Directions: Please read and respond to each of the prompts within each week or topics provided. Your responses to each prompt should be between 75-100 words in length. Solid academic writing is expected. (Please write responses on this document; the spacing will automatically manipulate if you quire more room to write.

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Do not forget to SAVE the document each time you add information. ) Topic 1 Journal Reflections: Motivation What motivated you to enroll at GUCCI and pursue a degree in higher education? Why is motivation important for student success? What factors often contribute to decreasing motivation? What strategies can you use to rekindle motivation when you feel it is decreasing? Topic 2 Journal Reflections: My Program of Study Please review your planned Program of Study as this can assist you in answering the following questions. You can locate this at: GU. Deed.

What program of study are you enrolled or planning to enroll? Identify and discuss some of the courses you will be required to take. Which courses do you anticipate being the most challenging? What GUCCI resources are available to help you with these challenges? What skills or knowledge will you need for this program of study and how do you anticipate gaining these skills or knowledge needed? How will effective time management help you complete your program? Topic 3 Journal Reflections: Leadership and Service What is your view or stance on what leadership resembles? What does it mean to serve others?

How will your program of study prepare you to lead and serve in your career or community? Please describe a real world example, of a well-known person, exhibiting leadership and service. Why does this person stand out to you among others? Topic 4: Journal Reflections: Collaboration and Communication Describe a time when you participated in a group that had good collaboration. How did this influence the amount of time required to complete the task? What were some key aspects of what makes good collaboration? How does effective communication affect effective collaboration?

How might different methods of learning affect collaboration? Topic 5: Journal Reflections: Priorities What major personal, professional, or academic obstacles do you have to overcome to make school a priority? What are some ways you might work around these challenges? How do you organize your priorities? Is there a priority that you will not alter; why? What are some strategies that you can utilize to prioritize school? How will proportioning your academic responsibilities contribute to your college success as well as prepare you for your career path? Part Two: To be completed in Weeks 6 through 7

Directions: Please respond to the following 4 prompts in paragraph form; 250 words per prompt. Use specific examples to support and enhance each response. (The spacing can be manipulated as you require more room for your responses if needed. ) 1 . Writing Prompt : Personal Background Respond to the following questions within your response: Where are you from? How have your background and your family values shaped who you are today? What are some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Describe your schooling experience prior to GU? What did you like most? What did you dislike?

Who was your favorite teacher and why? 2. Writing Prompt #2: Goals and Planning Respond to the following questions within your response: How, when, and why did you decide to enroll at GU? What are some expectation(s) you wish to gain from attending GU? What are your academic goals, personal goals, and professional goals? What are you planning to do now to ensure you will be able to obtain those goals? 3. Writing Prompt #3: Graduation Road Map Use the following questions to help you reflect in your response to this prompt: (You do not need to address all questions; these are here as a guide only. )

Who will play a key role in the successful completion of your program, and what is their role? When should you meet with key professional and academic mentors? What may you need to explore further, to find knowledge and information that will help you complete your program? Where are the obstacles within your academic plan? How will you ensure successful completion of this program? How will you meet deadlines and requirements? When do you expect to complete your program of study? What type of job do you expect to have upon graduation? Why did you choose that profession? What salary expectations do you have?

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