Should students be shown the grading rubric? Assignment

Should students be shown the grading rubric? Assignment Words: 265

Feel free to be as creative as you like, including graphics as appropriate. For additional guidance regarding your assessment, refer to the allowing expectations and to the Assessment Assignment Grading Rubric. 1 . Presentation: The questions must be neatly typed with appropriate directions so the student understands how to complete the assessment. Your questions must be appropriate for the grade level on which the assessment is focused. This is why you must include the grade level and topic on your assignment. ) 2. Content: The content of the assessment must clearly relate to the topic and grade level for which you designed the assessment. Include a variety of question types that ill lead the student to the higher thinking order levels. The questions must be stated clearly. 3. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Be sure that your assessment questions follow a logical progression from the lower level thinking skills to the higher level thinking skills. . Grammar/Mechanics: Check your work carefully to be sure your questions are free of spelling, grammar, and mechanical errors. Professional writing is always expected on any assignment. 5. Diversity/Differentiation: Consider how you will make modifications to your assessment to meet the needs f each of the following student groups: gifted, LIP, DE, OLD, ADD, as well as the learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthesia).

Also consider diversity and how to meet the multicultural needs of your students. You must give a brief yet thorough explanation of how you plan to accomplish this with the assessment you designed. Include this explanation in a clear statement at the end of your assessment.

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