When to Leave the Big Four Assignment

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You are a recent graduate working for a Big 4 accounting firm and your manager has asked you to prepare a report which is to be presented to the Chief Financial Officer (SCOFF) of Tellers. The report should: a) outline how companies are required to race agonies revenue as per FIRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers; b) explain why the SAAB has issued FIRS 15 in place of the existing standards; and c) advise the SCOFF of the possible impact of the new recognition criteria in relation n to mobile phone contracts which include both the handset and data/talk/SMS/ MS (i. . Bundled contracts). Please note that due to subscription requirements you may not be able to sac sees FIRS 15. SAAB 15 is the Australian equivalent and can be accessed at the of Lowing link. FIRS 15 and SAAB 15 are equivalent. Http://www. Saab. Gob. AU/ admit/file/contents 05/c/CASABA_12-14. PDF Your assignment must be s et out as a report with the three sections (a) (b) (c) clearly shown. You must link your discussion to relevant accountings standards, including refer renders to specific paragraphs.

You must carry out independent research to complete this assignment and you mills cite relevant academic (where elevate) and practitioner articles that support the material and views you present. Use Harvard style referencing. Your report must be typed using 12 point font, 1. 5 line spacing and 2. 5 CM margin ins on all sides, with a maximum length of 1000 words (excluding references and appendices). The executive summary is limited to 200 words. State the word count at the beginning of the assign meet. Refer to the TTS Business School Guide to Writing Assignments (link below) on recommendations and suggestions on how to structure your report.

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All material (excluding executive summary, references and appendices) over 1000 words will be disregarded. HTTPS://view. TTS. Due. AU/sites/default/fifes/business-writing-guide-2014. PDF Marking Guide Parts (a), (b) and (c) are each worth 10 marks. In addition, presentation and com annunciation are worth 10 marks combined. This gives a total mark of 40 for the rep rot, which will be converted into a mark out of 10. Your report should address EAI chi of the parts equally. Attached is the marking scheme that will be used in marking your report t. This report is worth 10% of your total subject marks.

Submission date Your report is due on Monday the 18th of May, 2015 at pm. Assignments submitted after the due date may attract a penalty of per day. Submission of assignments Submit your assignment in a word document via turning which is available i n the Assignments section of Outselling. In the header of your assignment t include the following information: Student Name and Student Number . Your word document must be saved using your student number as the file name. Accounting Standards & Regulations Well above acceptable Above – 22420 – Autumn 2015 name is given Body/Discussion Body is organized into main sections and sub-sections

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