Business law Assignment

Business law Assignment Words: 373

Assignment, Participation Presentation Final Exam (up to mining) Total 100% 5. 3 Project Report (Written Assignment) The students are required to submit a project report in groups of three (3) on one topic. Length and Style: Maximum 2,000 words, excluding footnotes, figures and references. The format for assignments is to be double spaced with 2. 5 CM margins and font size of 12 ICP. Please show the word count, along with all other details on the cover sheet. Assignment will be assessed for analytical content and presentation. The same marks will be awarded to all students in the same group.

All work must be original and must not have been submitted for any other subject or course here or elsewhere. Copying or plagiarism works of other authors, including your fellow students or cutting and pasting from the internet and other sources is an offence and will be seriously penalized, up to course dismissal. Due Date: The project report is due at time and date and with method as announced by Lecturer. Late work will be penalized at the rate of 15 percentage points per week day. Students must keep copies of all work submitted. 5. 4 Marking criteria (project report and case presentation)

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Marking Criteria Marks Learning outcomes/attributes Quality of arguments: relevance, logic and cohesion 20 Ability to give compelling arguments and reasoning to support analysis Use of frameworks to support analysis Ability to structure problems in accordance with theoretical frameworks and resolve them Use of case evidence to support analysis Ability to conduct applied research to gather data/information pertaining to the case Originality and usefulness of the analysis Ability to engage in creative problem solving skills Organization, clarity of expression, editing etc Clarity of vision

A minimum attendance of 80 percent is compulsory. Students will be assessed on the basis of: 1 a) Presentation of case 10% 2 b) Class attendance and participation 5% 5. 6 Special Consideration Request for special consideration (for final examination only) must be made to the Office of Academic Affairs within one week after the examination. General policy and information on special consideration can be found at the Office of Academic Affairs. Absence on the Mid-term is not allowed, or in special cases approved by Lecturer can be replaced with relevant Assignment.

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