College Writing Assignment

College Writing Assignment Words: 320

College courses demand many variables from students that consist of a variety of writing strategies for specific audiences. There are many different outlines for college essays that require anything from short, simple one page essays, to colossal and highly detailed five page essays. Furthermore, some classes demand you to keep a journal to record free thoughts or mandatory homework answers, while ome classes consist of daily essays written and submitted within the same day.

This differs from high school writing because it was not always necessary to record our personal opinions with such detail. From performing a modest amount of research on this topic, I have learned that college writing is also referred to as academic writing. This specialized type of writing is designed to enhance the student’s critical thinking and writing skills necessary to successfully communicate in educational situations nd in the workplace.

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In order to master the writing abilities of a fully- educated college student, you must continue to practice protracted assignments that require background research and multiple pages written. In college, a student may be asked to compose many different types of writing under different circumstances. For example, there can be a time where you are compelled to write about a topic where the professor defines the audience, whereas other times you must discover and limit the audience yourself.

Evidently, different college courses along with different college institutions demand specific writing abilities to succeed as a writer. High school writing courses open the door and guide you towards your writing goals, which eventually come into play during college writing. A student’s college career will demand various types of writing, depending on the field of study they are engaged in. Overall, the skills you develop and master in college writing will only benefit your future and upgrade your ability to prestigiously communicate in the real world.

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