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The alfresco dining is fun by overlooking the hustle ND bustle of George Street and Harbor Bridge. Live sporting matches is shown on large screens and a lively night out with friends can be enjoyed as well by dancing to the beats of Kidney’s best Ads. Jackson on George COG) is the Best of Sydney Winner in the category of Best CAB Bar and was a Finalist in the City of Sydney Business Awards in the category of Pubs, Hotels, Nightclubs venues Jackson on George, 2013). The management of JOG is done collaboratively by the owner (Mr.. Chris Crawler) and the Duty Manager (Mr.. Damon Crawford).

Every managerial decision is made after these two consult with each other. Although I do not meet with the owner frequently but the duty manger is the immediate boss as he is the man whom I report to. Manager is responsible for work that is accomplished through performance contributions of staff members. “Ambrosia’s performance has been always been the best of all”. This statement is not said by me to boast myself but my manager has been stating this to the owner and other staff members on several occasions. I have also been nominated by the management as the best employee.

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Management of JOG has always boosted my morale resulting in the increment of my personal output awards the Job in JOG resulting in high productivity which was of high standard achieving the best results on the task performance. Whenever employees are positive about their work environment and believe that they can meet their most important needs at work, employee morale is positive or high. If employees are negative and unhappy about their workplace and feel unappreciated and as if they cannot satisfy their goals and needs, employee morale is negative or low.

Simply stating a few words of thanks or sincere admiration given to me by the manger for a job well done helped increasing morale and get motivated to work in JOG. JOG has been providing me free lunches, after hours free drinks along with the cash bonuses and skill enhancing trainings. All these things has given me a goal to work towards and created enthusiasm to do Job effectively and efficiently. It has been helping me feel like I am the important contributing factor of the JOG. Above all I am full fee playing International student won nave little Nell Trot parent’s overseas.

I am maintaining all my living costs and university expenses by myself. So, encountering this situation money is important factor. JOG is providing me full support to my instances as wages, allowances and bonuses which is best in the current pay rates of hospitality employment market. As I am student of Information Technology this is not my dream Job but for time being in a student life it has fulfilled all my monetary needs. Therefore, I need and I must work diligently and honestly to sustain my place in JOG until I finish my degree.

In this process of give and take an informal contract has been maintained which is called a psychological contract which specifies what the individual and organization expect to give to and receive from each other in the ours of the working relationship Jack Wood, 2013). So having this entire scenario the psychological contract between me and JOG is being better and better as I am doing by Job with same enthusiasm and loyalty producing a remarkable amount of high-quality work and JOG is giving me positive appraisal by giving promotions, timely increasing wages and Job security.

Every person has different motivations for working. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something we obtain from work impacts our morale and motivation ND the quality of our lives. It is well known that motivated employees are happier, more energetic, more enthusiastic, more productive, more driven and better performing than their unmotivated peers. Employers are always on the lookout for motivated employees and realize that motivation is often contagious and has positive spill over effects on the whole team.

Most people have to work for a living. Earning the money to maintain a comfortable and secure life-style would be on most peoples’ list of reasons for working unless we have a generous family inheritance or have won he lottery, we will trade the value of our thought and our muscle for the symbolic value of pieces of paper (cash) produced by the bank (Crystal Flicker and Chris Jones, 2006). The scientific management school, which originated in the behavioral sciences and became prominent in the early 20th century, describes motivation in terms of economic needs.

Individuals are only interested in work to the extent that it provides financial rewards (Taylor, 1970). No single theory on motivation will explain everything. Each theory presented is potentially useful for the manager. Although the equity and expectancy theories have facial strengths, current thinking argues for a combined approach that points out where and when various motivation theories work best. There are two main types of motivational theories ? content and process Jack Wood, 2013).

Content theories examine the needs that individuals have their efforts to satisfy those needs are what drive their behavior. Process theories examine the thought processes that people have in relation to motivating their behavior. The content theories can be compared, with some overlap identified. An integrated model of motivation builds from the individual performance equation and combines the content and process theories to show how well-managed rewards can lead to high levels of both individual performance and satisfaction.

In JOG my individual Job performance has been high as the motivation (organizational support) through various ways has always Increased Day performance as a star memoir AT J Organizations are mechanisms through which many people combine their efforts and work together to accomplish more than any one person could alone. The performance equation views performance as the result of the personal and/or group attributes the work effort they make and the organizational support they receive. All three factors (attributes, work effort and organizational support) must be present and maximized in order to achieve high performance.

In the subject ‘Organizational Behavior’ we have came across this equation which formulated the core of BOB. Job Performance = Individual Attributes X Work Efforts X Organization Support Individual Attributes refers to your capacity or ability to perform (character, integrity, etc). Work Efforts refers to your willingness to perform, how committed we are in the Job and owe much efforts we put in. Organization Support refers to the support from organization to help you achieve our Job, the environment and structure that allows us to perform.

The reason why they multiply each other is because if any factor is a zero, Job Performance will be zero that is to trying to emphasis the importance of each factor. In JOG, Some of my individual attributes shown at my best are effective communication skills, Problem-solving skills, Creativity, Teamwork, Planning and organizing and Professionalism with good work ethics. Employers seek productive errors with positive work ethics who stick with challenges until they meet them. I have been putting my effort for the betterment of JOG whenever possible.

Whenever JOG is short staffed I have been always ready to overload by tasks to be done without any complains and hesitations. Above all the Organizational Support that I have been getting is of high ranking. In my situation organizational support is the factor that has overwhelmingly increased my Job performance. It is common in organizations that performance expectations are not explicitly stated by management. If they were, ewer misunderstandings would be. When they are stated they are often defined as job output. The success of any organization is directly related to the performance, productivity and commitment of its employees.

Studies have found positive relationship between employee attributes and organizational performance. The outcome is productivity and profitability, in Job performance. Researches also indicate that the more engaged employees are, the more likely their employer is to exceed the industry average in its revenue growth. Employee engagement is found to be higher in double-digit growth companies. Research also indicates that engagement is positively related to customer satisfaction (Survived, 2010). References Jack Wood, R. Z. (2013).

Organizational Behavior Core concept and Applications. John Wiley ; Sons Australia Ltd. Jackson on George. (2013). Retrieved from Jackson on George: www. ]acknowledgers. Com. AU Crystal Flicker and Chris Jones. (2006). How to Understand the Motivation for Work. Survived, M. S. (2010, December). Employee Engagement: The Key to Improving Performance. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(12), 8. Taylor, F. (1970). The Principles of Scientific Management. This student is studying the subject MAGGOT Organizational Behavior through Charles Strut University.

For their first assessment, they are required to observe an organization on a weekly basis for the first few weeks in order to learn about how their subject topics such as task management, work-life balance, motivation and performance Concerns may arise about confidentiality therefore this document forms an agreement between the student and the manager to guarantee confidentiality of the participant, the organization, its associates and staff. The detent signs this form to agree to guarantee confidentiality, and the host’s signature indicates agreement for the student to undertake this activity and understand what it is about.

Managers are free to request further information at any stage. At CSS, the assignment is seen only by the marker, who works according to the University ethical guidelines. Information about participating organizations remains confidential. As the manager of the student who is involved in this activity, you know that: 1. Participation in the project is entirely voluntary. 2. The student must preserve confidentiality of those involved in the observation, he organization, its associates and staff; pseudonyms will be used and as much are as possibly will be taken to remove identifiers. . Personal identifying information will not be included in the assignment. 4. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable at any stage of the process, you can ask for it to be halted and either decline further involvement or ask the student to choose another time. I (the student) agree to abide by these conditions Ambries Bills Pant (Signature of student) Date: 30 August 2013. I (the manager) agree to participate in this take part in this project.

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