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The purpose of Google + is to keep people connected via different modes of communication online such as emails, chats,videos and live updates. Google + has become a symbol of innovation through the introduction of new features. And, as in this case the interesting part is to assess the effectiveness of this new application in connecting people through its features. Google + has many features. The features are the circles, live updates, hangouts, photo uploads, accessing pictures from Picas, sharing posts, tagging, editing one’s rifle and a few to name.

Nevertheless, the core features which make Google + different from other social networking sites are the circles, hangouts and live updates. To begin with, the core feature is the circles. In Google+, the circles are meant for categorizing people into groups according to the user’s choice. Google + has been doing a good Job in terms of safeguarding information as the circles offer the option to choose with whom to share information or not. Hence, in this context Google + has maintained its features of the standard and did not impose sudden changes on the users.

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In addition, the interesting side of this feature is that it enables an easy access to have people in the user’s circle. The step is simple as the user has only to drag and drop the ones he or she wants to have in the customized circles. Hence, the user clicks on ‘add’ and chooses the category the person fits. The category can be labeled as friends, family, or in the way the user wants to personally labeled the group. Likewise, the second key feature is that of hangouts. This feature enables the user to have multiple video calls at the same time and is somewhat similar to Seep group inference calling.

Here, the hangouts enable the user to mute or remove the video so as not to be seen by the group. Indeed, this feature has been up its promised level. The best part of this feature is the ability to share Youth videos with people who are part of the hangout. Similarly, the user can chat while doing a hangout. In this case, Google + performs as a collaborative tool for the fact that it enables groups of people to communicate through video call, chat and sharing videos from Youth. The third key feature is that of live updates.

This feature enables the user to receive edification and updates of the few past events that the user might have missed. This feature facilitates the user to remain in touch with people who are in the circles. Nevertheless, the bright aspect of this feature is the ability to decrease the number of notification by choosing the wanted circles only. As for live streaming, it perfectly fulfills its role as it instantly updates new comments and new events the moment something is published.

This feature encourages collaboration by displaying constant follow ups of posts so as to keep the user engaged in viewing, publishing, omitting or chatting with other users. I en tender Key Treasures AT Google + can De a Don Tort ten users. I en reason Deanna describing these features as a boon is their ability to boost creativity, teamwork, erase the notion of geographical barriers, and meet professionals. Likewise, there seems a tendency to express rather than to impress on Google+. This is because the users looked as if they have crossed the boundaries of mediocrity in order to meet the line of excellence in whatever they do.

Here, the three key features seemed to eve contributed in creating a Google + culture, that of excellence. Furthermore, the three key features have widened the range of opportunities for people to meet, talk and work harmoniously in the way that they wish. For example, a student willing to work separately on team project will be able to have a shortcut by creating a circle made especially for the team project. There is no need to comb the friend list in order to look for the teams as they will be categorized in the circles meant for them and will be visually traceable. Moreover, the hangouts enable groups of people to communicate live.

Thus, instead of increasing the telephone bills or using poor performing software, hangouts seem to have become a better option. In the same context, hangouts achieve effectiveness and efficiency within groups by offering the meaner to have about ten people on a video call and the ability to share videos from Youth with them. In the same vein, Google + offers a variety of hangouts community ranging from different countries and themes. For this feature, the user facilitates online collaboration. And, concerning the third key feature, it enables users to keep engaged with recent activities.

Likewise, the users would not be missing any essential posts, videos or events by receiving notifications from G-mails and SMS. The outcome of using this feature will be that of enhancing community bonds. Finally, it can be concluded that this application can be a useful one for team work whether be it at university level or professional level. For instance, on Google + a student might include foreign students and form a group of which everyone shares the same modules. From this experience, the student will learn how some modules are taught abroad.

This example correlates with the situation of the Internet Commerce and Consumers 205 students, who might enjoy working on Google + for team working as this application serves both as a collaboration tool and publishing tool. Google + can be helpful for promoting and sharing the 2nd assignment for this web module across lovers of Web and Internet studies. However, the only drawback is to convince students to switch from Faceable to Google.

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