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Another way of aging money is selling information on users the same way of Google, Google has planned to sell their Information but Backbone did not. B) some of the very important features on social networking are user-centric interface for example Passbooks front page is exemplary for an egocentric user Interface. It provides detailed Information about updates and notifications of a user and also provides a one-click-interface that makes it easy to update the current status, hide information provided by friends and it updates you about people a user may know or groups or conversations that the user may be interested in.

Real time updates, One of the reasons why micro-blobbing services have managed to take off over the last years, was their ability to bring the new, “real-time” dimension to the social interaction on the Web. Different from instant messaging where users were mostly focused on the two-way-conversations, Twitter & Co. Delivered many- ways-conversations to the Web. Simple and Usable Forms, Web forms are probably the most Important design element for social media and networking sites.

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Forms and inputs are used in everything from sign-up to search, log-in, replying to a post or adding some other content. Since forms are extremely important, they must be usable. 2) I would defiantly agree to start the loyalty card in my hypermarket. One of the most revenue generating businesses is the super and hypermarkets. I wouldn’t look a lot about the competition the main important thing if I do own a hyper market would be the location of my store, unless I have a good name like LULU or union Coop I wouldn’t open my hyper market next to well known retail hyper market.

Every store has its loyal customers, the people who live close to my store will prefer to come to mine than to go somewhere far to buy there needs, people now days tend to look for he easy way, so having a loyalty card is very beneficial for me and would make my customers comfortable and think that out of what they pay they can get something back even if its minor with this loyalty card. I believe that it would be a success because every retail store has got its own loyal customers and for those can have to any of my competitors. ) it is a part of direct marketing, in-bound and out-bound idea has came up to improve relation ship with customer and try to help in making things easier for them. For example and in-bound call is when a customer calls in it can be an employee that answers “call center” and the customer gets the chance to ask anything he wants related to that firm can be a product that Hess not happy with etc in this case of DDCD it is on call banking so he can ask to debit an amount onto another account or clear a doubt that he had etc. His would let the customer be more comfortable working with this bank and not forgetting how easy it is. Not having to go all the way to the bank branch in order to finish a transaction where you can Just get it done in a call. And the better the employees of the call center are with the customers the stronger the relation ship gets between the bank and its customers.

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