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With the recent addition of “EDP, our Echo-system has extended beyond the bounds of the Internet world and into the real world. The Reawaken Echo-system will continue to enrich the lives of all members who use our services. Company Description: Reawaken Linkages provides an online marketing platform that integrates high quality direct response digital media, services and technology. Linkages empowers clients with the ability to develop cost-efficient pay per action (APP) affiliate, search and lead generation campaigns that acquire new customers, Increase revenue and drive results.

Reawaken Lanker clients are Fortune 500 and prominent companies doing business online, Including J. C. Penny, 1-800-Flowers. Com, American Express, and Avon Products. Reawaken Linkages was founded in 1996 in New York City, and Sydney. Reawaken Linkages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reawaken, Inc. , (wry. Restaurants. Com) which is a public company listed on the JUDAS. Reawaken, Inc. , is one of the world’s largest Internet service companies, providing leading services in e-commerce, portal and media, travel, financial services and professional sports.

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About Direct Marketing As we discussed in Direct Marketing Pedestals, direct marketing includes various approaches in which the producer of goods or services directly contacts the end- user. Direct marketing encompasses face-to-face selling, direct mail, catalogs, kiosks, eliminating, and more. Regardless of the form you choose, there are some critical considerations. T he criteria for direct marketing begins with a reliable customer database.

Other factors include offering greater customer value through a more customized and personalized approach for product and service offerings, distribution processes tailored to meet the needs of customers, and the opportunity to build customer loyalty. One of the first criteria for direct marketing is to have a consistent customer profile available which describes the dominant target markets. This information must eave sufficient detail to support a customer database. A customer database quantitatively captures the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service.

It may offer demographic information about their age, income, education, gender, and previous mail order purchases. In concert with this information, this customer database identifies customers who possess these characteristics: * Have purchased most frequently * Purchased recently * Spend the most at each transaction This database is used to accomplish the following. * Identify prospects Decide when a customer needs a specific offer. * Enhance customer loyalty * Stimulate repeat purchases Access to a customer database is the first step.

The next set of criteria includes enhancing customer value through one or more of the following factors: * Customized product and service solutions * Personalized interaction before or during the actual transaction * The development of expertise within an industry or based on specific issues * Individualized distribution processes accompanied by customized marketing offerings When these criteria are met, the organization may be able to leverage areas of organization may be able to achieve greater target market precision through direct marketing than it can experience through a mass marketing or channel marketing approach.

Before You Begin, Decide How to Measure Successful direct marketing campaigns plan their efforts, determine their objectives, target their markets, determine the offers’ key elements, test those elements, and establish measurements to assess the campaign’s success. Measuring your success is key. Begin by gathering information about your fixed costs relating to overhead expenses and the variable costs relating to how many pieces are going to be sent. Then prepare to track revenues generated. Each of these areas offers valuable information to assess the results of the direct marketing campaign.

Conducting a simple break-even analysis can be a valuable tool in this process. For example: Dental Data Co. Is an organization that offers specialized patient management software to dentists. They would like to determine what their break-even point would be if they mailed CD-ROOM demos with printed materials to 2,000 selected dentists. Their estimated expenses for the direct mail campaign follow. This information will elf determine what Dental Data’s response rate needs to be to break even on the campaign.

The 43 units to break-even equates to a 2. 15% response rate. This response rate is determined by dividing the 43 units at break-even by 2,000, the total number mailed. Therefore, if Dental Data does not have a response rate higher than 2. 15% over the time period they have determined, they will not realize profit from this direct marketing effort. You can test the anticipated response rate, based on establishing a break-even sales point, to better understand the possible combinations of potential results. Information regarding general

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