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NH does every country have a form of government? Is it the pack mentality found in many animals? Do humans instinctively look for some form of leadership? What is the purpose of having a government? Is it to regulate what people do, to protect its citizens, or to maintain a stable economy? Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to protect the citizens under its rule?

Isn’t it the reason most governments are established? Many governments offer some form of program to protect its citizens. Ere U. S. Government has programs like the navy, the marines, the air force, the F. B. I. , he C. I. A. , the A. T. F. , police departments, and other such programs to protect its citizens. The U. S. Government also tries to maintain a stable economy by taxing its citizens – often times confused for the government stealing hard-earned money.

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Although it can’t prevent all – sometimes seen as: any – crimes within its boundaries, the U. S. Government attempts to prevent the endangerment of its citizens. It tries to protect the mental and physical health of Its citizens by providing health programs – like Medicare -, financial aid – like food stamps -, and programs who attempts to prevent the introduction of drugs to citizens – like I. C. E. The U. S. Government contains people who help decide punishments for crimes and define those crimes.

In ancient times, a thief would lose a hand for stealing an apple. In modern times, government officials agree that a fine or Jail time Is more agreeable. Governments are, for the most part, not established to control people’s choices – those are dictators! Most governments – with the exception of dictatorships – are established to protect the people’s rights – which Include safety. Therefore, a government’s purpose is to protect Its citizens earthier from other countries or themselves.

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