Sleep Deprevasion Assignment

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Sleep Deprivation Thousands of people in the world including teens suffer from sleep deprivation. Not enough sleep can cause a lot of effects not only emotional but mental and physical. For starters sleep deprivation has the same effect on people as alcohol does. Often people go through uncontrolled reflexes and can get eye twitches and also experience slurred speech. Also your health could be at serious risk because of serious change in blood pressure and heart rate.

These effects can change your social and personal life extremely, especially if you have a Job or you go to school cause your grades and work rate will go down do to not enough concentration. So because you decided to stay up 2 extra hours your life is Just spiraling out of control and there’s almost nothing you can do about it unless you make time to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

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Many studies have been done and in every single one the sleep deprived subjects will tend to have various mood swings and hormonal changes. By not having enough sleep your prone to be grouchy and stubborn and you can often find yourself in sticky situations that you normally would never get in to. You may find ourselves getting in trouble in school for maybe not staying awake to write notes or complete assignments or maybe at work for not being focused and doing your Job incorrectly which may even result in being fired.

Sleep deprivation can also cause friends and family to not want to be around someone that would act weird and different by being grouchy all the time, that would drive a lot of loved ones away and would destroy your social life. In conclusion it is suggested that you get at least 8 hours of sleep and your body will have enough time recover from the stress you put on it on a regular basis so you could live a happy stress free life.

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