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The plant manager’s dream team of subordinates includes, the head of the engineering department, accounting manager, shipping and receiving manager, production manager, and maintenance manager. Each of these department heads are responsible for the delegation of tasks to their subordinates to complete assignments that have been handed out from the plant manager. “Leadership bears the responsibility to inspire people and produce meaningful changes In the company (Smith, R. , 2009). In the article Strategies that Organizational Managers & Leaders Can Use To Create & Maintain a Healthy Organization, Robert Smith says that good leadership entails the ability to articulate a vision. Align the people’s talents and efforts of the company’s direction and keeps them focused on the set vision by motivation and the inspiration of employees. The true leaders at Visage Corporation are the supervisors. They are the ones who are out on the frontline with the employees. They not only supervise Job assignments they often help employees with assigned tasks.

Visage supervisors believe in the motivation of their employees and do so regularly. One shift supervisor at Please saw that a worker who was training a new hire was going above and beyond to train his charge. He made it a point to thank him for doing such a great Job at training. This employee continues to be motivated as a trainer and always gives his best to all new hires. Two strategies that managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture are: “A strong organizational culture will shape people’s work ethics and will also involve Culture, 2010). “A weak organizational culture can be disruptive to meeting goals and objectives because people will challenge policies and procedures when they are not aligned with what the organization values (2010). ” Visage has an organizational structure that tends to be weak. Employees often challenge upper management when they feel that employees do not get the same treatment. This has at times caused hard feeling, low morale, and poor productivity. Fairness is a strategy that this company could implement into its culture so that employees consistently help achieve company goals.

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The second strategy involves allowing the employees to make honest mistakes without fear of punishment. This interferes with employees’ creativity and productivity. Visage does not punish its’ workers for mistakes that are not intentional, but mistakes that are truly from a worker being careless is not acceptable and often the supervisor or manager has to reprimand an employee in this case. It is evident that one cannot have management without leadership in an organization.

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