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Gray Leadership Style To be a leader one must possess a unique style and trait of leadership. Leadership and management are not the same but they both complement each other. A leader has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. A leader is a person or persons who can inspire and motivate and can carefully plan a well thought out process and execute it with positive outcomes with every team member involved.

I choose my husband as the person who possesses the unmistakable qualities of a leader. He is retired from the United States Navy with honors. We met when I was a sophomore and he a senior in high school. I saw the leadership he showed when he lead the Central High School football team to the championship with the winning touchdown. While dating heavenly in love we were expecting our first child. He got a Job in fast food but he knew from the beginning that fast food and back breaking mill work was not a life for us as a meaner of supporting and raising a family.

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He Joined the Navy and from that point on he has been leading his squad and family to positive success. He embraced his leadership style long before Joining the military. With a new family depending on him he Joined the United States Navy knowing failure and eras was not an option. There was a family back home and a squad there depending solely upon him for guidance, diligence, accuracy and support. My husband was first choice because he has never left us when we needed him he had the style of self direction and modeling and has always stood and held himself accountable for what was thrust upon him.

My husband overcame obstacles of being told in the military that he has the worst crew of screw- ups in milder term ever seen, being the authoritative leader he lead them first in military formation with great precision to graduation in San Diego, California in 1988. Being an affiliated leader he was able to bring an emotional bond that brought a feeling of belonging to the squad he knew they could do it and didn’t want his squad be known as the screw-up squad. This person may not have been an satirical figure and she maybe someone we forget as time passes.

She is Antoinette Tuff an Atlanta, Georgia elementary school bookkeeper. Ms. Tuff showed the most heroism skill of leadership ever known to me in a hostile situation. She calmly replied messages between a mentally ill 20 year old which said to be off his meds and a 911 dispatcher after he shot off rounds outside the school. She connected with this person as a human being not as someone other than. The calmness and understanding Ms. Tuff gave to that young man is what great leaders’ manage to shoes while managing it well.

My leadership style does not compare to those of my husband he leads I manage. He had to Jump into leadership mode at a young age while I followed his lead to the “T” making sure things were running smoothly while he was away. Now that the children are all grown and moved out I am now finding my own major of leadership with my team members in college. The traits he has that I need to develop is the ability to delegate and the confidence to know that they will comply and the outcome is a success. With what my example leader showed I can infinite from her.

She showed courage in a possible would be fatal situation if she said or even made a wrong move. Her strength and willingness to help this young man and to keep him from killing the children and or himself shows leadership at its finest. Leadership and management go hand and hand. Leaders innovate while manager administers. Leaders ask what and why while manager asks how and when. As long as a leader keeps that vision and drive and the commitment to achieve that vision, they are for sure to have the skills to make it happen.

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