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On the other hand, the developer as a leader does not deal well with resistance from employees. When the leader avoids conflict this can result in a loss of morale and focus on completing work-related tasks. The people-first mindset of this type of leader makes it difficult to keep employees moving along in order to meet company goals. My group was composed of Style 2 problem solver and Style 3 developer. The problem solver of the group made themselves available themselves available and part of the leadership consisted of demanding the team to stay on track and following the outline of the course.

The team members all understood that each f the other members had something to offer the leadership course in the quest to finish the objectives and move on to the next class. In comparison to the developers the problem solvers lead with passion. One of the major difference between the leadership styles is that problem-solvers are more visionary and thinks about the big picture while the developer takes a an internal approach and focusing on what the team requires to accomplish their goals.

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I have a better understanding that as a leader I must attempt to optimize how the team’s goals are developed not just the performance required to accomplish he goals. Developing these skills encompasses a maturation of motivation and values so that as a leader I can elevate the needs of the other team members. The Developer of the team will try to identify opportunities for positive feedback and avoid confrontations that are related to performance this could result in slower progress to reach the teams goal because the developer to approach a non-performing team member.

Other leadership styles may see the Developer’s team as having a lack of direction because the leader places the well being of member’s before the completion of a task. The pitfall can build restoration to other team members who are goal or task oriented and subsequently leads to lower performance standards for the group especially to the Director and Problem Solver who wants fast results from a task driven, highly motivated team.

The leaders in the team are very similar because they are sincere, people- oriented, and goal oriented. The Problem Solver and Developer worked well to motivate the team to live up to the vision and the goals of tasks. I realized both leaders are fearful of making the hard choices and possible changes needed to succeed. The leaders focus on team members’ differences while supporting individual’s needs.

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