Business Strategy and Policy Assignment

Business Strategy and Policy Assignment Words: 468

This course uses a combination of lectures, discussions, case studies and individual research. Students’ knowledge will be evaluated with quizzes, written assignments, in-class discussions a midterm, and a final exam. Evaluation of written assignments will be based the on the quality of content, understanding of current events and issues, the quality of the “mechanics” (proper use of language, punctuation, grammar, etc. ) and the quality of the written and oral presentation. You are expected to engage in college-level reading, verbal comprehension and study skills.

Outside reading of relevant current events is encouraged. Active participation in all class activities is required. Communication skills are considered essential in the field of Management. Therefore, as a member of this class, you will participate in active learning exercises such as analysis of current events, class discussions, group activities, etc… Please accept responsibility for your own actions, including asking questions and to offer and accept constructive criticism. PARTICIPATION Regular attendance and participation in class discussions are very important.

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The ability to converse with the professor and fellow students about issues related to the topic of the course is an important part of the learning strategy. Consequently, a portion of the final grade will reflect the frequency and quality of the student’s participation in classroom discussion. You are responsible to submit all assigned work at the start of class on the date due even when absent. (This can be done via email attachment). There is no makeup work and late work is NOT accepted and will receive a grade of zero.

Attendance will be taken at the discretion of the instructor and is defined as being present and seated quietly when class begins. All students are expected to be in class on time. Arriving late is distracting, disruptive and unprofessional. A student who comes to class after the attendance is taken will be marked absent. A student who comes to class and then leaves will be marked absent. The instructor holds the right to make the final decision in determining your number of absences. COMMUNICATION Each student must have a Berkeley email account and access to the Berkeley Blackboard system.

Only the College email system or Blackboard is to be used for communication between the professor and student. Using AOL, Optimum Online or some other email service may be blocked or filtered resulting in failed communication. Using another system may also result in having attachments stripped from your email. All assignments are to be submitted on time and on Blackboard. Late assignments, as well as assignments that are not submitted on Blackboard will not be accepted. You are responsible for ALL MATERIAL covered in class. (e. G. Videos, class discussions, active learning activities, demonstrations, announcements), as well as text readings.

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