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The things I see on the screen are: calendar, tasks, resources, connect, reports, and announcements. I also see a calendar, forums, assignments, performance, and announcements. There is also a grade book to track our individual progress. 2. From the course home page in Loud Cloud, click on the “Resources” tab and then click on “Classroom Policies. ” What do you need to do to make sure you are properly participating in the online classroom? Grand Canyon University requires all students enrolled in online course to attend every week. This attendance is marked by activity in the online lassoer.

An online week for undergraduate students is Monday through Sunday and for graduate students is Thursday through Wednesday. Students are not permitted to be out of attendance more than two consecutive, online weeks. Participation can be earned only by posting substantive, quality messages to fellow classmates and the instructor in the main forum of the classroom. Specific courses may have alternative participation requirements. Students are encouraged to review the course syllabus and consult with the faculty member prior to the course start. 3. Deer the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, click on the “Student Success Center;” under the “Writing Center’ tab click on the “Style Guides and Templates” link. Read through the PAP 6th Edition Style Guide and PAP 6th Edition Template (without Abstract) documents. Why do you think academic writing requires such strict formatting? Think that by writing in this format, it will provide the audience with cues that allow them to follow our ideas better. Using this standard format will allow our readers to focus on our ideas instead being distracted by unfamiliar text and formats.

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I think the format wows that you are aware of your audience and helps establish your credibility. It also provides guidelines and protects against plagiarism. 4. Under the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, click on the “Student Success Center. ” Under which tab in the Student Success Center can you find official Microsoft Tutorials for their softјare products? Tools for Success is where I think I can find these items. 5. Under the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, inside the “Student Success Center,” click on the “Tools for Success” tab at the top. What video might be most helpful to you under the “Success Webzines” section?

The video most helpful to me would be the video on Time Management. 6. From the course home page in Loudly, find where you can see your Current grade in the course. You can See the current grade by clicking on the graduated tab. 7. Click on the “Resources” Tab in the classroom. Click on “Syllabus. ” What are all the different sections found in the Syllabus? Look at the “Overall” and “Current” sections of the syllabus. (Hint: they might be the orange sections on the left of the screen. ) The sections are objectives, topic materials, assignments, discussion questions, and participation.

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