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We would like your opinion on what you would do. Thankful for giving us this opportunity to share our views with you. Stress Homework is just like any chore you’re given as a child, but unlike the daily chi ores of cleaning the house, feeding the dog, and more, studies have shown that too much homework has negative effects; ” negative effects can extend to students’ lives outside of school, including family, friends, and other activities” (“Is Too Much Homework Bad of r Kids’ Health? “, n. D. ).

Homework can lead to sleep deprivation and many other stress related health problems. “According to the researchers, regardless of how much a student generally SST dudes each day, f that student sacrifices sleep time to study more than usual, he or she will ha eve more trouble understanding material taught in class and be more likely to struggle on an as assignment or test the following day’ (“Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health? “, n. D. ). Homo rework may be known as overwhelming and annoying to students, but teachers also suffer.

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It’ s a given that teachers have to grade a crazy amount of papers from a variety of students FRR mom many 2 different classes. “When it comes to stress, 56 percent of the students consider red homework a primary source. Forefather percent viewed tests as a primary stress, while 33 percent put the pressure to get good grades in that category. Less than 1 percent of the SST dents said homework was not a stress (“Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health? ” , n. D. ) Unbalanced Time/Schedule Having homework to do after school is usually an unreasonable task.

Stanford d University’s studies show that homework is associated with greater stress, red suctions in health, and less time for friends, family and extracurricular pursuits (“Stanford Research Shows Pitfalls of Homework’, n. D. ). According to Standard’s studies, a student t does an average of 3. 1 hours Of homework each night. Homework itself is unbalanced. Students go to school for about 78 hours, do homework for about 13 hours, then sleep. Don’ t forget that a majority of students have extracurricular activities and the latest they usually get home is at 6 p. . Dinner also takes place. That’s less than 10 hours of sleep; the recommend need and suggested amount of hours a high schooled should sleep. Homework can make students too tired after a long day at school” (“Homework: Harmful or Helpful? , n. D. ). There are many responsible students out there that can manage their time well, but still sleep less than they should. No matter how good of a student you are, homework can affect you n a negative way. Busy work Busy work is basically work given to you (homework, activities) to, quite literal Y, keep you busy.

Its not really important, it’s not accounted for anything; busy work I s work that’s done just for the sake of doing something. ” Homework is often meaningless busВ»pork which does not promote real learning” (“Homework: Harmful or Helpful? ” , n. . ). The majority of problems in homework sheets is that most of the problems are unrealistic and they do not 3 teach you anything about life. Homework is just plain black and white. There is only one answer and you’re usually told how to solve the problem; you can’t go with your own flow. (usually in math).

In real life, there are different situations, different answers, a variety of circumstances, and ways to solve problems. “No study has ever found a link between homework and better tests results in elementary school, and there is no areas on to believe it is accessory in high school” (“This House Would Ban Homework”, n. D. ). Think ABA out it. We are given homework almost everyday and yet it still accounts for less than 50% of our grade. How is that not a clear sign that homework is busy work? Many students copy their peers homework, so what’s the point?

From my experiences in school (9/1 0 years) I’ eve noticed that the students who copy homework often are the ones who need the practice t he most. “Teachers have complained that ‘homework marking can result in four extra h ours of work a day and they are rarely rewarded for their effort’. This leaves teachers tired a ND with little time to prepare effective, inspiring lessons” (“This House Would Ban Homework”, n Technology/Cautions Although we are in a very technological time, some students do not have the benefits and privileges that come with having internet, a computer, and many other De vices that are now essential for schools.

Most assignments are given with the require raiment o f using technology, and if some students do not have the access to that, then how ca n that work? A lot of teachers (from my experience of being a student for about 1 0 years) do not take that as n excuse. You can say some teachers will excuse you, but that does not mea n all. Asking a friend? Circumstances may vary, but impossible, asking a friend almost every ay or having them come over to your house for the homework is just tedious and a waste of effort and time.

For the students that do have access to technology at home, they can study a ND look up how 4 to solve a variety of problems in many different ways. Kids can learn and stud y at their own pace. Homework is pointless. At the other end of the spectrum, countries with very low average scores Thailand, Greece, Iran have teachers ho assign a great deal of homework,” says Penn State researcher David Baker” (Bruit, 2005). If teachers gave better instruction in the classroom, there would not be a need for homework at all.

S schools should invest in more tech oenology. That would be a project that would continue over t mime (for a long time), so budget would not be a problem. Conclusion Homework is busy work that is pointless, tedious, boring and stressful. Home work causes stress, less family time, less exercise, sleep deprivation, and more. Is h empower really worth risking your health for less than 50% of your grade? If teachers h ad better instruction and if schools invested in more technology, homework would not be needed.

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