On Movie Golden Pond Assignment

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Gary A. Malone 038 Human Development – A Lifespan Approach Paper Assignment Spring 201 5 A 5 page minimum- to ID-page paper (title page not included) will be required after you see the movie On Golden Pond that will be shown in class. The paper will represented% of your final class grade; therefore, it will justify a good investment of time and effort to obtain an “A”. Erik Erosion’s Theory emphasized developmental change throughout the human life cycle.

He divided the life cycle into eight developmental stages with each stage consisting of a unique developmental task that confronts the individual with a crisis. As the individual resolves the crisis successfully, the healthier their development will be. Your paper should answer the following questions: 1. In the movie, what developmental stages are the main characters in? 2. What did the characters do that represented the developmental task they were dealing with and how well did they resolve the crisis? 3.

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How did the movie remind you of yourself and other relatives or friends in regard to the developmental crisis you / they resolved or didn’t resolve? 4. Overall, how did the movie impact you in understanding human lifespan development and hat you and the important people in your life will be faced with? 5. What was your personal reaction to the movie in the various questions above and how did it personally touch you? Expectations for Written Work: This is a lower division G. E. Course and as such includes an expectation of college level writing.

Therefore, papers with numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and/or sentence structure, which interfere with comprehension, are not acceptable. Therefore, you must submit your paper to Criterion for scoring and instant feedback about your errors. Errors are highlighted with n-line resources on how to correct them. You can submit the paper to Criterion again after your re-write to determine if your corrections are appropriate. You must submit your paper to Criterion before I will accept and grade your paper.

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