Homework Overload or Vital Material? Assignment

Homework Overload or Vital Material? Assignment Words: 322

Why is homework necessary? Why is it so important? Is it really a vital, mandatory, and daily essential assignment that affects a school life? Many have a different opinion on the amount of homework given. Most of these thoughts and feelings come from teachers, parents, and of course students. Teachers at school presume that homework is one of the most important materials in education. They feel it helps students learn.

For example, one way it assists learning is by acting as a study guide for important tests. Another way it’s of use is by reviewing lessons. Homework is not only for the future but also a review from the past. But is it really necessary with the amount given? Parents believe that teachers should limit homework because it causes stress. More kids dread doing their assignments and this effects their learning and stress stamina. Most of these students probably stuffer from homework overloading their life.

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This means that homework drains away sprits and academic achievements because of the amount given. Students feelings towards homework are quite diverse and neutral. Some kids say that homework isn’t necessary and it’s just stress on paper, but others disagree and think it’s important and helps them get their grades up. Some think homework’s purpose is to reinforce learning and extend learning outside the classroom. But others think they don’t need that extra help that homework is there for.

Some students feel that homework confuses the brain after a long day of school and learning other things as well. Homework may be important but also may be just busywork. You can learn from homework but also learn nothing at all. The argument of homework continues with the opinions of teachers, parents, and students. I think we just need to limit the amount we get and make sure we’re not overloading ourselves with assignments. Is homework really essential? Should it be stopped?

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