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I believe that homework is important to all grades as it not only helps to review and expand on what we are being taught but it also prepares new information we will need In upcoming classes or activities I believe that homework, even for kinder garden Is Important and beneficial. If prepares them for the world of primary and secondary life. Homework Is Important even more so In the higher grades especially years 1-9 and 10-12 as It helps us to understand and adsorb new information It prepares for the higher grades that we have to meet.

Homework is vital training for meeting the demands of higher grades that we have to meet. Homework is vital training for featured demands and will enable me to have longer, deeper attention span homework, as I mentioned earlier, helps us to organize our lives and enable us to make use of our free time. I have said homework is important, but is it useful and if so how useful? I believe that students who spend more time on homework will perform better in class than those who don’t especially in the higher grades where the work Is more demanding.

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Homework also encourages students to do more personal research In libraries and for the Internet. I believe that if homework Is treated seriously as an extension to our class work and not as a punishment, Interesting with our social life, the skills we learn from It will be very useful as we reach the senior grades. If you think about the homework you receive it can usually be broken down into categories three to be exact practice, preparation, extension, if you are learning algebra in class and are give algebra skills.

If the class is preparing for a field trip the emperor could consist of details of your destination thus preparing you for what to look for if homework is based on a project such as “global warming” or the “rain forest” this could entail having to use outside sources such as the internet or newspaper articles. A good homework assignment will be directly relevant to what we are learning In class and will help us to understand more deeply the topics we are being taught. Homework should always be used In a positive manner and never given as a punishment homework Is important to a students learning In many ways such s… Asters: homework helps us master information by practice and repetition of what we have learned, managing time: homework assignments require a student to use his/her time efficiently, responsibility: through homework students realize they alone are responsible for the quality of the completed work, Independence: students are able to tackle the assignment their way according to their own strengths and weakness, skills: homework assignment often require students to explore new areas other than what is available in school.

This helps them to become a better student. As we get older having worked our way through primary and through Junior high school naturally becomes harder and of course there’s more of it. If we have disciplined ourselves during the earner years of our school life then homework should now be second nature to us but as a teen-age we have more distractions. Girl friends, soccer on TV a rock concert at the convention centre. It is very important that play an important role in developing our homework skills by providing support and encouragement.

We don’t want them to do the work for us (most probably couldn’t anyway) but we would like to realize that their understanding of problem. As long as we know that our parents are there for us should we need them that are a tremendous boost. Homework is important for all of the reasons that I have discussed and I’m sure there are others I haven’t mentioned. Organization of your time discipline of yourself will all help to take your homework more enjoyable. Find out more from UK Essays here: http://www. Essays. Com/essays/education/the- importance-of-doing-your-homework-education-essay. PH#Ouagadougou

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