Speech on Faith, Service, and Academics Assignment

Speech on Faith, Service, and Academics Assignment Words: 662

Faith, Academics, and Service are three very powerful key points in a Catholic Education, however they self-explanatory, so I’m going to talk about what they mean to me and how those three words can imply something different to all of us. But what we do not realize is that they have the same meaning behind them. All of these components make up a Catholic student, teacher, faculty member, and school. We are all called to follow these three things so that we may grow in our trust and belief in God, otherwise known as faith.

Many people, when they realize that they must live by faith, make the mistake of infusing fie with emotion. My faith is in our Lord, our savoir, our compassionate forgiving God. Living by faith does not mean reasoning and supposing what God would have us do. It means we come to “know’ what God would have us do. Now I will talk about Academics. We cannot go through life with no way of communicating reading, spelling, knowing about our past, solving problems because we are responsible to build our future. It is up to me, you, us if it will be good or bad. It’s like the first lady, Mrs.. Obama, said in her recent 2012

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Catholic Schools Week speech, “Today 99 percent of Catholic school students graduate from high school and 97 percent go on to college. ” And she continues by quoting “But just as Archbishop Where said, “Not only do Catholic educators develop young minds, but they also prepare children for lives of compassion and service. ” As the legendary Washington’s Cardinal Hickey once explained, “We don’t educate children because they’re Catholic, but because we’re Catholic. ” Those are words that we should all live by: to do things for others, not for ourselves. This brings us to the next topic. We all know what service is, but do we do it enough?

As a student at Sacred Heart Elementary School, have learned the importance of service and because of the in depth lessons it will remain important to me throughout my life. The other day in class we were asked to make a list of ten random acts of kindness, for some it was easy, but for others it was difficult. The students who found making the list difficult did not realize that simply opening the door for someone, helping a struggling student with homework, or helping someone carry items are all considered service. You don’t have to o something big to call it service as long as you do it with humility and for the right reasons.

We do things every day that we think don’t matter, but they do! How often do we go help the needy like it says in the bible? How often do we spread our faith like Jesus calls us to do? How often do we show how much we know by doing our best on an assignment whether it is school or job related? This is what Catholic schools are for, to take questions like these and challenge the answers, take what we have learned and double it, take what we like and excel in it, my Catholic Education lets me blossom into a dutiful flower, it helps me discover what I like and inspires me to be an individual.

At my school I have become my own person, I am confident that Sacred Heart Elementary School , with its supportive teachers, encouraging students, and wonderful principal have prepared me with the basics as well as life-long lessons that will be essential for me to continue to grow in my faith as well as being active in the overall work of God. With Sacred Heart making me a better person by letting me pursue my goals and dreams while still being humble; I will continue to grow in my faith, academics, and service. Thank You.

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