Faith, Religion & Theology Assignment

Faith, Religion & Theology Assignment Words: 399

The Pillar of Pilgrimage (Hajj]). “If physically and financially able, every Muslim is expected, at least once in their lifetime, to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. ” – “Islam offers the world a message of what we might call realistic optimism. ” a) All persons are children of Allah, therefore all are Muslim. “So Muslims optimistic in their hopes that all humans can line up in submission to Allah. ” – b) Since humanity is one- Muslim, therefore society, too, is Muslim, therefore Church has much to say to the state. A second lesson that Islam might teach others is more complex and controversial. ” 5.

Native American Religion- How is “the Great Mysterious” central to Native American creed? How is Native American code contained in the ideal of “harmony’? Give examples of Native American ceremonies. What is the main contribution of Native American religions to fostering global responsibility? – Creed- “The first thing to say about Native American creeds is that there really aren’t any. ” – Native American experience the Great Mysterious “because Native American experience it not as existing by itself in a remote “heaven,” but within all the physical oral, characterizing or describing everything that exists.

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Therefore, while every living being has its own spirit, that spirit is part of the Great Spirit. And while the Great Mysterious is not identified with the physical world, it is impossible to know this Mysterious outside of the physical world. ” -Code- ” As with creeds, Native Americans don’t have a clear list of code. Living a good life, an ethical life, is seeking to maintain the balanced interrelationship that have to exist between the members of the family of nature. ” -Ceremony- Vision Quest, this is where the man or woman is sent out into the rest, alone and naked, to be completely exposed to nature.

Most often, the vision comes to them through an animal. Peace Pipe, the pipe, when smoked, brings together: the Sacred, material creation, and fire of the Great Spirit. These items represent matter, humanity and the Divine. – Global responsibility- “Native America spirituality tells us that we must not only love out neighbor as ourselves, we must also love the animals and plants as ourselves, for the family that we belong to, and outside of which we cannot live, is not only the human, but the whole Earth family. ”

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