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When reflecting on what my faith style is I looked back on my life. I thought about my childhood and growing up in a Christian based home. Growing up my faith style was very traditional. We went to church almost every Sunday. We had strict rules and morals. I followed the rules and guidelines as much as any young child would do. I believe that my traditional style changed after I found out I was pregnant with my son Cede. Telling my mom I was pregnant at twenty and not married was one of the hardest things I have done.

I never ever thought I would’ve been In that situation UT believe that God had a plan. He had a plan that Cede was suppose to enter my life at that time. It was not easy being a young and eventually single parent. I always found peace In knowing that I was putting Cede first and my trust In God. Having Cede so young changed my view point of how traditional I was. No one Is supposed to have children out of marriage and I did. How could I be religious and have this happen.

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We are supposed to save ourselves until marriage and I disobey God’s commandments. I found myself feeling ashamed and alone. After delivering Cede I mound that God didn’t punish me. He blessed me in the greatest way. Not everyone can have children and I was blest to have Cede. Over the years I have developed a deeper relationship with God. I find myself listening to more and more of his music on the radio. I try hard to make sure to make it to church as much as I can. I also find myself praying several times throughout the day.

I find comfort in praying and asking God for help. As a parent of four children I want to distill great morals and values in my children. I find it important that my children grow up learning about Jesus and God’s love. When the book was talking about Becky and she didn’t know about being pregnant Diane said, “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. That hit such a cord with me. Sometimes I find myself worrying about things that don’t need to be worried about.

When I find myself worrying that is when I should turn my thoughts to God. I should ask him for help. After reading faith styles and the discussions in class I realized that I have a lot more searching I need to do. I find myself on the line of traditional styles and liberal believers. I want to stay true to y traditional beliefs but I find myself turning more liberal. There are a couple reasons why I believe that I’m turning more liberal. I don’t Like how I feel bad If I miss church.

I feel as if I’m persecuted because I did not go to church. The mall reason I feel this way Is because the traditional beliefs require you to go to church. I find myself being more liberal and understanding of not making It to church. However, I find that there shouldn’t be a reason because It Is only one hour of the day. What I learned about writing this paper Is that my belief style Is changing. I try to stay true o the traditional style but the more and more I think about my belief style the more and more It’s changing.

I think I did well. I explained why I believe the way I do. I think that after more class time my style will change and I can be more in depth about my shaped me the way I am. However, it’s hard to pinpoint a few reasons why I believe the way I do. I think that I will learn more about myself as a person and my beliefs. I think this class will show me a different side of myself that I might not have found had I not taken this class. I look forward to learning more about myself and learning more and more about my belief style.

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