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October 31, 2006 AFS 305-05 Critical Awareness Paper #6 Womanist Theology When I think of the term womanism, I think of a black feminist or feminist of color. It is said that womanism refers to the act of being womanish. But sometimes I feel as though that definition does what we as black women have been trying to stray away from, and that is letting society define and label us. For some odd reason I am troubled by the word womanish. ] I completely agree with womanist theology and the goals for which it has set.

Being a person that has a strong background in the church, I grew up under the guidance of a female pastor and saw the struggles that she faced over the years simply because of her gender. How dare a woman decide to open up her own church and be successful in doing so. I believe that God has no prerequisites for who he uses to do his will. So with that said who are we to decide who has the right to be a leader. In my opinion, womanist theology still carries that traditional view of being a woman somewhat.

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Our outrageous, audacious, courageous, and willful behavior takes me back to the myth of the superwoman. We as black women feel as though we still have to take on that strong mother role to uplift everyone around us. The only difference is that while doing that we don’t actually forget about the importance to uplift ourselves. And we carry on the tradition of using God to help keep our sanity and understand why things happen the way they do.

As being black in general, we have always depended and resorted to our beliefs in God. I feel that 99. 9 percent of womanist theology leans upon the support of scripture. Womanist theology does pave the way, and allow for redefining the roles that women play in church. Evangelist Tharpe went from . preaching in the congregation to now being allowed to preach in the pulpit. I believe that since the developed of the term womanist theology many changes have occurred within the church.

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