Skin Assignment

Skin Assignment Words: 510

Airfare in coach: Hardly at all, airfare is what it is, one airline isn’t any better or safer than the next, therefore I judge on cost alone. B. Appendectomy: Heavily, anytime time you are dealing with a persons’ health and well-being, quality is the only guide necessary, a consumers’ thought process is the higher the cost, the better the surgeon. C. Baby food: I Would say heavily, for people with babies, of course they want a high quality product to feed their children. D. Cell phone Service: Heavily, I have been considering ditching Verizon and their interact based, expensive service to go to Straight Talk.

However, I have heard rumor the service is not as excellent as Verizon so I continue to stay, based on that alone. E. Cosmetics: Personally this is not a topic I consider the quality much at all. Except possibly the concern for what they are making it from and the damage it could do to the skin. Other than that, I go the most cost effective route possible. F. Dog food: Again, people with dogs would probably consider this more heavily, but without a dog it doesn’t apply to me. G.

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Electricity: Hardly at all, like airfare in coach, electricity, is what it is, there isn’t a quality about it, it is a must have in today’s society. H. Gasoline: I am going to respond to this the same as above with electricity and airfare, hardly at all. I. Haircut: After completing this assignment, I believe I have found out what a simple minded person am. Some people may rely heavily on the price versus quality comparison in a haircut, but I would go moderately. I certainly don’t want a bowl cut but I use Great Clips for the low-cost, not Salon

Nouveau for the quality at for times the price. J. Hotel room: Here I may be inclined to be more moderately. I will not stay in any cockroach and flea infested, pay by the hour hotel room, but I don’t need to rest my head at the Four Seasons either k. Jewelry: Again would use the term heavily somewhat loosely. Due to skin conditions, I need a quality jewelry and am willing to pay extra for 14 carat gold because cheap costume jewelry doesn’t work for me, but I would never be able to purchase Carrier or Tiffany anyway. L.

Tanning alone: putting tanning into the same category as airfare, electricity, and gasoline. It’s a tanning salon, all the beds are the same, you are still risking health/skin issues regardless of the one you choose, so I would hardly at all rely on the price to judge the quality. M. Used car: This is a tough one because the higher the cost could indicate the higher the quality depending on mileage and condition. However, there is not much deviation in cost when you look into the Kelly Blue Book prices on a vehicle so I would say moderately.

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