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It was the end of my spring semester and as I reflected on what classes were to come next Advanced Writing felt like the right choice. Summer 1 would surely offer me the time needed to dedicate to the various essays I knew would be asked of me. I had finished College Writing with an A, which I heard was rare, and had spent countless years composing friends’ essays and being told I was a remarkable writer. My confidence was through the roof, to the say the least.

I was certain I would breeze wrought this class without much difficulty so long as I devoted time to my work. My time at Northeastern had already allowed for a compilation of marketing and business plans, case studies, consumer reports, research papers, as well as posts to the school website. However, the more I progressed in the class the more I came to find that I was unaware of what a good writer should know. Today as I reminiscently opened the folders on my computer with all my work, I realized I hadn’t been exposed to all the kinds of writing I would be called to use as an active participant in the equines realm.

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I knew the major I chose would direct the sorts of writing I would be called to do but not the extent to which it would. In classes like International Business I was forced to examine articles on BBC. Com, The Economist, and Businesslike to write short commentaries but I had no idea that specific academic journals served as viable sources for writing in my field. This course opened my eyes to using credible sources available within my discourse. I uncovered works necessary to support my thorough research on topics ranging from a study of wine consumers o a review of a business textbook to sustainability literature.

Writing in the business realm requires hard work. The assignments I was called to write allowed me to realize in order for my writing to be effective it needs improvement. I sat down to write our first paper late but confidant that it would move my professor. I chose a topic that appeared interesting and analyzed it in regards to terms I had never come across “discourse community’. I was awed at the thought that “communities of practice” exist in which there is ” a broadly agreed set of common public goals… Semantics of intercommunication among its members… Articulator mechanisms to prove feedback” Nouns, 1). The result was what I deemed to be a well thought-out work on a study conducted by marketers on wine. Despite the aforementioned, my professor criticized my work for its disorientation, information placed in the essay haphazardly that didn’t support the thesis, long-winded sentences, and a lack of an overall point. I disappointingly looked over my paper in an attempt to understand what I had missed and promised myself the next one would be better. Next came one f the most challenging papers I have ever had to write.

I chose to focus on sustainability literature because the state of the environment and its effects on individuals like myself has always been interesting to me. I looked up a slew of sources that could support my overarching topic everywhere. I wanted to be sure the sources I would use and highlighted relevant passages from them all. I put my work in categories I assumed would allow for it to flow properly and wrote apprehensively. I dedicated numerous nights to it and to be honest, was dissatisfied tit it when I turned it in.

I needed more time. I needed to speak to many learned writers about it prior to submitting it. I wasn’t surprised when called to a meeting with my professor. He had issues with the credibility of my sources as well as a lack of proper paraphrasing. I should’ve found viable academic Journals and articles and stuck to simply using them. My grade killed my spirit but taught me a valuable lesson. I picked my head up ready for the next papers I would have to write. The end of the semester showed development in my work.

I decided my popularization would e a book review of a textbook used in one of my international business classes. I was hesitant at the thought of writing on a textbook but I figured an idea so unique could only work to my advantage if done properly. Why not suggest a book for individuals in my field to read with such credibility? “Hill and Hernandez-Require {explained} cultural differences, {discussed} trade, {described} the global monetary system, and {looked} at the strategies and structures of business”.

I sat down the day it was due, paged through the textbooks preface, and wrote for hours on why this would be a read read. My paper, though good, lacked an audience. WSDL my popularization really move individuals to read a textbook? I missed yet another point. Finally came my professional writing paper. I am most proud of this one. I interviewed my professor via phone and email the day I was given the prompt. I wanted to leave no room for errors. He eloquently communicated what would be asked of me in my future as a marketer and I took it all in happily.

I wrote my paper over the course of several days but in the end it didn’t have enough words. I informed my professor that in an attempt to adhere to a word count, my paper would lose the points I was trying to put across. I smiled as I received his email stating it was perfect and didn’t need work. Although, I have yet to receive a result, I am confident it was the best work I have produced in Advanced Writing. I paid close attention to structure, supporting an overall thesis, providing Just the right amount of information, and even sought help from the writing center.

In retrospect, the Advanced Writing course further prepared e for my future as both a student of business and conductor of business. I silently dissected material handed out in every class, engaged in stimulating conversation with my peers, and most importantly, examined the work of the discourse community in my discipline. Although I resisted taking in the knowledge that was put forth through this course at first, I finish thankful for it and aware that it changed me for the better. Johns, Ann M. Text, Role, and Context: Developing Academic Literates. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Print.

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