A Reaction to the Book Ecotopia Assignment

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Isotopic and listening to the author speak about It, I have mixed feelings on it. Part of me felt it was k and part of me didn’t care for It at all and here’s why. On the one hand, Cottage was very relevant to our lives today. Things happening in the book are happening now. People are starting to be very “Green” and wanting to recycle and reduce our wastes. We are trying to find sustainable resources and make sure that the world we know today will be here for future generations. This was one of the mall themes In the book. Cottage seceded from the U.

S. And became self reliant. They got rid of cars and stopped using plastics, made buildings out of wood, and much more that let them create a self sustaining environment. Today we are trying to use different energy sources Like solar and wind, recycling has become more popular, and we are trying to pollute our environment less. These are things that personally I see as a positive thing. I agree that we should be doing less to ruin the earth for the future, so in this regard I liked the book. On the other hand Isotopic was a very dull book. Plain and simple it wasn’t a good read.

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It had a good message and relevant meanings but trying to fight your way from the front cover to that last period was excruciating at best. A lot of the same thing being said in different ways. I guess it wasn’t that the book was in theory a thing I guess my one bad thing about it was it Just wasn’t my style of book. Not enough fight scenes or magic I guess. I think more people would have done more than Just skim the book if it was written differently. Not everything about Isotopic was awful but neither was it my favorite book ever. It’s probably nothing I will ever read again but it did give me a lot of good things to think about.

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