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Action ??? Reaction B: All right, I’ll say: how are you all this day of your time, as you know time to exist? AUD: Good. Great. Perfect. B: We will begin with questions. Q: I have a question. We have had a physicist in history — I believe it was Sir Isaac Newton — he said for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Is that true in your culture? B: All right, understand, first of all, there will be many ideas and interpretations along that line, as you understand that idea to exist.

First of all, realize that we are, in many, many ways like you, firm within the overall idea of physical dimensionality. Therefore, understand that to that degree there will be, within the expression of our reality, as you know it, that action/reaction idea. Understand, however, that within terms of what you would call it to be our space technology, we utilize quite a different form of the understanding of the universe, as you understand it.

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Within its own flow of momentum, within its own sense of formation within the idea of the viewpoint of the holographic, as you would say, version — or perspective of the universe as you know it. Therefore, there will be, as within the usage of your rocketry with respect to gravity, not so much the use of the action/reaction principle, but simply the idea of the transformation or identification principle with regard to the (–? property inhabiting and forming the idea of an object; and that object’s existence within any space or location within the universe at any particular point within that universe. Are you following me? Q: Somewhat. B: All right. Understand, simply, that in terms of your immediate physical dimensionality, there will be that principle. Also understand there will be more that principle of action/reaction, mostly within the metaphysical or non-physical universe, with regard to how you create your reality.

Understanding that for every action that you identify with, that you find yourself to be equal with, there will be the reaction of the creation of that universe ’round and about you. Do you follow me? Q: Okay. All right. B: Understand that in terms of physics there will be action/reaction for every action. In a sense there will simply be a manifestation or transformation of reality, according to the type of that action. But understand that to us, what you call action, in many ways, and a reaction, are quite the same act.

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