The Effect of Leadership Style on Organizational Commitment Assignment

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I further agree hat permission for copying this thesis in any manner, in whole or in part, for scholarly purposes may be granted by my supervisor(s) or, in their absence, by the Dean of College of Business. It is understood that any copying or publication or use of this thesis or parts thereof for financial gain shall not be allowed without my permission. It is also understood that due recognition shall be given to me and to University Tara Malaysia for any scholarly use which may be made of any material from my thesis.

Request for permission to copy or to take other use of materials in this thesis, in whole or in part, should be addressed to: Dean f College of Business University Tara Malaysia 06010 UM Shinto Asked Daryl Man ABSTRACT Previous studies have documented the importance of the leadership style on the organizational commitment. This study is investigated the effect of leadership style on the organization commitment and attempt to figure out the relationship between the constructs. However, this study was conducted in Yemen context specifically among public academic staff in Yemeni Universities.

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The aim of this study is to examine the effect of leadership styles (transformational & transactional) on organizational commitment (affective, continuous, and roommate). A total 105 staff of public universities in Yemen were participated in this study in order to investigate the relationship between the dependent and independent variables of this study. The result of this study shows that there is a positive significant relationship between the transformational leadership to all dimension of organizational commitment.

The result also find that transactional leaders are positive by significant relate to all dimension of organizational commitment. V ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Alhambra_Allah Arab al-lamina WA salt WA salaam alai ashram chalk Allah Muhammad bin Abdullah peace and blessings be upon him. Finally it is the end of my Master of business Administration which I have been going through for the last 3 months. I have experienced lots of things while working on the project of Staff in Yemeni Universities which is completed as scheduled.

I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to my parents who pushed me through and helped me in every way possible to continue my postgraduate studies specially my late father Adele who passed away recently May Allah Rest his soul. I would like to present my humble appreciation and gratefulness to all the people ho made this journey possible those who knowingly and unknowingly were so helpful and important in the difficult moments. Firstly, my deepest appreciation goes to Dry. Fizz Maid who has provided unlimited amount of encouragement and professional support.

He valued my commitment to self and lifelong learning and all the while supporting my professional endeavors. Thank you Dry. Fizz for always having positive attitude and outlook; you are an incredible supervisor and an outstanding leader, Secondly my examiner Proof. Dry. Russians Usury Saputo, for her valuable suggestions, ideas, and help. I would like to thank all my lectures ho gave me support and showed me the right path on various things that I didn’t fully understand before I start my Master. I great thankful to my wife who gives me full support and without her encouragement I think I wouldn’t finish this thesis.

I am thankful to Dry. Humid Manhood Gilligan, who has provided expertise, knowledge, support and coaching during this period. I am thankful to Dry. Sales Aimed Mohammed AY Rename and Dry. Hand Aimed All AY-Shams for providing me continuous Moral support and Guidance to prepare my thesis. I would like to dedicate my work to the library of Muhammad All Ottoman School. Finally, I would like to whisper into my 11 months baby boy Mohammed and say “My dearest, this work I fully dedicated to you; I hope you read this document someday, may Allah bless you”.

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