Chocolate War & Dead Poet Society Comparison Assignment

Chocolate War & Dead Poet Society Comparison Assignment Words: 682

Christy Scaffold Blue 1 In this paper I will be comparing many items from the Chocolate War and The Dead Poets Society. As in most situations, there are movies that have many things in common with a book. I really liked the movie and how it was like the book in a way. In the book Chocolate War Jerry Renault is the main character. He is a very quiet but strong willed kid. When he sets his mind to something he follows through and finishes whatever the task may be. He has had a very emotional year with his mom passing away and his dad pretty much abandoning him.

His dad was there but they hardly ever talked. Jerry didn’t have anyone to talk to or help him deal with the hurt and pain of losing his mom. Jerry went out for the football team try-outs and was pummel and thought he was going to die. He got up and kept trying and he made the team through all his perseverance. There is this group of boys called the Vigils at Trinity High School. They are a group of boys who keep the school under control and all the boys from going crazy from all the strict rules that they must follow. There is one person named Archie Estella who gives random boys assignments to do.

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One boy, who everyone calls Goober’s, gets assigned to take everything apart in a teacher’s room. The next day the class and teacher came in and the teacher went crazy and never came back to the school. Jerry got assigned to not sell the chocolates for ten days. At first you think what is the big deal about chocolates? Well it is a fundraiser for the school each student is to sell fifty boxes of chocolates. Jerry was told not to take the chocolate. All the Brothers were very surprised that he wasn’t selling the first ten days and then he just wasn’t selling at all.

Once again when he sets his mind to something he follows through and does what he wants to do. In the movie The Dead Poets Society Neil Perry is a puppet for his father. What his dad says goes all the time, every time, no matter what. Neil wants to act not become a doctor and is going to one of the best boarding schools in New England called Walton. All of the boys that attend the school are very smart and have big goals in mind for the future that they are pursuing. Neil finds out about a community play and he tries out for the lead role and got it, UT he needed to get his father’s permission.

He fakes a permission letter to the director of the play and when his father finds out he is furious and comes to the school. He told Neil that he had to drop out of the play the day before opening night. Of course he didn’t drop the play and his dad came to the play and was very upset. After the performance, Nil’s father took him home and told him he was going to move to a different boarding school. Neil is so sensitive and was very upset. That very night he took his own life. Schools and someone who thinks they know what is best for all.

You can’t know what’s best for someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. People have trials they go through every day. No matter how old you are or who you become in life there will still be things in your life that could potentially bring you down. Always think before you do something, think of your actions and who all they affect. There will always be someone in your life who thinks they can control you and what you do. Be who you want to be not someone else. Don’t be someone you aren’t so you can fit in or feel accepted.

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