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What are the pros and cons of occupational licenser in general? The pros of occupational licensing are that it protects the public from incompetent providers. Licenses prove to the public that the provider has had the education and/ or training. This does not always mean the provider is going to perform a good Job. It also promotes higher income for the licensee. The cons of occupational licensing are that it restricts entry and limits competition in a certain profession.

It is very costly to obtain some licenses and not everyone can ford it. It also limits the consumer’s choice and deprives the poor of adequate service. The employer is required to pay higher wages to the licensee. After reading Case 5. 1, “Yahoo In China,” discuss the following: Would American companies do more good by refusing to cooperate with Chinese authorities (and risk not being able to do business In China) or by cooperating and working gradually to spread Internet freedom? I personally think that American companies should refuse to cooperate but that Is not good for the monetary concerns of companies.

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So on that note, American companies would cooperate and work gradually toward spreading Internet freedom. I would think that putting up barriers with other countries would do more harm than It Is worth. China Is a major player In our economy and It Is best to keep things In good standing. The US expects others to obey our laws and we should do the same for other countries. It Is not right for us to go Into another country and expect them to do things the way we do. For example, I may not agree with the way my friend disciplines her children but that does not mean I have to push her to dullness them my way.

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