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Law enforcement officials most enforce a moral ability of sigh standard, honor, follow guidelines, policy, and mission of the department with the rules of the law. Law enforcement creates various way of administration within the field. Law enforcement officers handle different situation on a daily basis. It is up to the officers to be professional at all times without any personal Judgment, biased, and conduct. While in the street officers should be able to control and exercise his or her ability to determine how Justice is administered.

The way I will promote my definition of Justice in my career is by obeying the law, rules, policy, and guidance of he department. I will not over use my power and I will treat every individual equally according by the law. My goal is to become a crime scene investigator as an investigator I have to be professional at all time. I most learn all level of investigation process. I have to be very caution on my personal Judgments, moral and opinion. I will keep in mind that I cannot use a personal Judgment or biased in my decision process on investigating offenders or witnesses.

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I will base my investigation on the investigation process on evidence, victim, and witness. Three current practices of the impotent that demonstrate the successful achievement of my definition of Justice is due process, individual rights, and the Patriot Act. Due process requires that all accusers be treated fairly and Justly by government officials. An accuser can be arrested, prosecuted, trial, and punished only in accordance with procedures prescribed by law. Accusers “are allowed to be present at the trial. They have the right to an impartial Jury and to be heard in their own defense.

In other Jurisdiction accusers are not entitled to any of these rights under due process” (Mishap, 2006, p. 2). Individual Rights protects the right of individual from interference by the federal and state government. Individual have freedom of speech and can file lawsuit against those who believe have wrong him or her. Patriot Act was passed after September 1 1, 2001 terrorists attack. Its goals are to strengthen domestic security and broaden the powers of law-enforcement agencies with regard to identifying and stopping demonstrate Justice because society have different believe, moral, and value.

This can affect the way society see Justice or want Justice. What is Justice to Justice to retain group may not be Justice to other. These practices occasionally result in an injustice because we must take chances to fight terrorism and stop crime for happening. Some people believe due process does not work because some offenders are not treated equally. As individual right offender believes his or her rights are violated because of freedom of speech by having lawsuit for those who wrongly accused him or her.

Another thing with individual right people believe that fighting for what other believe is not always right, especially for those people who does not eave the right to speak up. In the Patriot Act some people believes his or her rights are lose because of the way he or she is search or body scan in airport. Some people believe his or her freedom is taking away by allowing security look at his or her body through body scan. The three components mention above of criminal Justice system has changed as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 1 1, 2001.

Under the due process all our freedom is at risk the government denies human rights because we are from different origin, race, religion, or citizen. People in our county believe the United States and policy discriminated us from being different. Especially immigrants have the harsh policies because the United States government allow raids and arrest without warrants. These immigrants are held in detention center and are being deported without a fair trial. Whereas people of color is still facing racial profiling and violation as suspects, defendants, and prisoners.

Individual right cause concern to American society because “American society has been forced to reexamine the relative value placed on individual rights in the context of national security. Lawmakers have grappled with this issue in developments such as the Patriot Act, Augmentation, domestic surveillance, immigrants’ rights, legislation and investigation regarding presidential actions, and various matters of criminal law and procedure. The ongoing issues have impacted the conduct of the war on terror, and have contributed to sharp criticism of the U. S. Both domestically and abroad.

A government of checks and balances appears to be struggling against itself” (University of Baltimore School of Law, 2007, p. 1). Patriot Act “After 9/1 1 local law enforcement agencies and state agencies undertook a number of steps: increasing the number of personnel engaged in emergency response planning; updating response plans for chemical, biological, or radiological attacks and, to a lesser extent, mutual aid agreements; and reallocating internal resources or increasing departmental spending to focus on terrorism preparedness” (Associate content, 2006, p. 1).

Before 9/11 law enforcement from different department did not like to share information. Under the Patriot Act law enforcement had develop good communication skills throughout the departments around the global. Law enforcement should be able to find new ways and method to combated terrorism wrought the global. Another way law enforcement is combating terrorism is being more alert in our airports, trains station, buses station, and ports. Security guards most check blind stop on all surrounding areas for any unwanted packages or luggage left behind or suspicious activity as well as all truck and cars that need to enter the premises.

Our security system should be up to date to scan for unwanted secure and check as well properly scanning all luggage and people in the terminal. Securities personal are train of new available technology in each check point. The reason I chose these challenges because is the best approach law enforcement and government have to combat terrorism through the global. By having the necessary communication skills, technique, method, and new technology available law enforcement can secure surrounding areas and do his or her Job with sufficient effort and dedication.

Law enforcement handles these challenges in a correct manner by finding new ways to combat crime and by train personal. Law enforcement should never let their guard down he or she should be able to think head because terrorism rope are always finding new way to destroy our country. The three biggest challenges in the next 10 years for the component are making sure there will be no future terrorist attack, having Justice by comprehending terrorism group, and fix financial crisis.

Law enforcement must follow any lead closely of terrorist group leader by making arrest and destroying their plans. Law enforcement need to find ways and method that can help terrorist group not to attack our county. Law enforcement most learns to community information from one source to another. Any information that is share is best because what does not make sense to one department can make a different in another department around the global.

By having good communication skills and passing information down through the chain of command can break a case or cold case or can be the piece of the puzzle to solve a crime. The government needs to fix financial crisis that can affect the way law enforcement conduct investigation throughout the states. Without the right fund law enforcement cannot recruit and maintain the correct respond for the different action. Law enforcement need to have the right equipment to fight terrorism and advance technology to combat crime better these fund should be available to each department around the global.

Funds need to be available because law enforcement personal need to be educated and train on how to use the new technology. My predictions for the future would be for all nations to united as one and help one another to deal with different situation and decision making without attacking each other country. There is more to life than Just fighting terrorism our nation need to be ware that we all different and what is best for one county is not the best choice for another.

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