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There are three main components that make up the criminal Justice system. Those three components are a collection of federal, state, and local public agencies that deal with our crime obstacle. These agencies deal with the tasks of processing suspects and offenders who have been sentenced. The first component of the criminal Justice system and some say the most important and dangerous is law enforcement. This includes the local police department within a community that is made up of police officers and detectives.

Both the police officers and detectives are he ones who are responsible for locating and apprehending those who break the laws that have been put forward by the state, federal government or the military. Law enforcement is also responsible for making sure they collect as much evidence as they can so once those individuals are brought to court, those charges they have been charged with uphold. The second component of the criminal Justice system is the court. The court system includes prosecution and defense lawyers, Judges and juries. These individuals have the responsibility to make sure criminals are provided tit fair trials.

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Judges have to hear the cases and make sure that all laws are followed while the cases are being tried. Then, assess all that has been said and come up with a verdict. There are cases where they are only tried in front of a Judge only. In other cases, a Jury of 12 citizens who have been chosen to determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant based on the certainty brought forward during the trial. A Jury can also make a suggestion of what a sentence should be but the only the judge can decide a sentence. The final component of the criminal Justice system is erections.

The responsibility of the correction department is by far one of the most difficult. They sustain and administer all sentences handed down by the Judge. The corrections system would not be possible without the previous two components. The corrections department includes Jails, prisons, correctional officers, and parole officers. These individuals ensure that the accused punishments and all of its provisions are carried out. The legislature, the Judiciary and the executive are the three branches of the government that work together to handle and prevent crime.

There are three major parts of the criminal Justice system. The legislative provide funding to the law enforcement, correction departments, and the court systems. The judiciary has the power to overturn a verdict made by the courts if found UN- constitutional. The executive branch provides power to the president, governor, and mayors. With criminal Justice issues, they have the power to nominate Judges and leaders of agencies (police chiefs and directors of departments of corrections). Criminal Justice System Paper By ethanol’s

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