Criminal Justice System Assignment

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Crime is often defined in many ways, my main definition for crime is doing something that is completely wrong or against the rules. Committing a crime is punishable by the law. There are different types of crime in the criminal Justice system. Crime is very well related to law in many ways. Law regulates the conduct of the public and it deters them from committing a criminal act. Society uses common models to determine what a criminal act is. The consensus model and the conflict models are used in the criminal Justice system.

The consensus model means about majority of the people have the same thoughts and perspectives on the subject. The consensus model backs up the values and beliefs of society by believing that crime is anything that goes against these values. The conflict model will pretty much determine what the criminal law is about. The conflict model goes against all the values and beliefs of the society and does not work in teams. The government structure consists of the police, corrections, and the courts. The police enforces the law and investigate crimes.

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They reduce and deter crime to ensure the safety of the community. The corrections part of the government carries out the sentences imposed by the courts. They provide the offenders with a secure environment when they are incarcerated. They help the offenders turn their life around and prepare them to start a new life once they have completed their sentence. The courts conduct trials that are fair and decide criminal cases. They make sure the law is being followed. In majority of cases, courts are where the guilt and innocence is decided.

Courts are also provided to help protect the rights and redeem of anyone being prosecuted by the Justice system. Theories are ways to help identify the reason behind the criminal act committed by an offender. Theories help deciding the guilt or innocence of the offender. A lot of times the theory behind the offender’s crime might get them out of serving a sentence. Investigation and arrest, pretrial activities, trial, and sentencing are all components of the criminal Justice system. Investigation and arrest consists of investigating the crimes committed and then issuing warrants and ultimately end tit a booking.

Pretrial activities has four major events. The first appearance, the preliminary hearing, information and indictment, and arraignment are the four major events and all happen before going to trial. Trial is when an examination in court of all available information, when a discussion of relevant laws relating to the case arises. Sentencing is when the Judge comes too final decision and the Judge allows them to either pay a fine or be placed on probation. In most cases, they are incarcerated and are sentenced to serve time. By messages

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