Bio Ethics Assignment

Bio Ethics Assignment Words: 438

Ethics is a topic that is brought about mostly when science is involved. Ethics are the moral principles that determine the rightness or wrongness of particular acts or activities. Ethical issues concerning biological research are called bioethical issues. Some bioethical issues concern the topics of abortion, space exploration, cloning, etc. There are many pros and cons concerning the ethical issues. Pros support the issues and cons oppose the issues.

In this report, I will be discussing the topic of cloning humans based on an article from The New York Times/ 12-3-97. I will also discuss the pros and cons of this procedure. The article on human cloning starts talking about the successful cloning of a sheep and the successful chances in trying to clone a human based on results from monkeys. Morally some people think that cloning humans is no worse than creating custom embryos from sperm and egg donors.

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According to some scientists it’s only a matter of time until a human is cloned. Some advantages or pros in cloning are being able to express character genes that weren’t present before. Another pro is if someone is diagnosed with cancer you could clone him or her and use the clone as a bone marrow donor. Scientists believe clones can be useful in a variety of ways, but it is society that determines the its morality. The other points of viewing brought up in this subject are the cons.

One major con is determining whether cloning is a moral issue or is it even legal. Other cons would ask what would the results be? Is it harmful? Or what would happen after a long period of time? In my opinion cloning is just another way to reproduce. But, I would support cloning because the article gave a variety of reasons why it is useful. I don’t know why a human hasn’t been cloned yet because another animal was cloned (sheep) and it shouldn’t take so long to repeat a larger scale version to modify it for humans.

According to the article cloning is similar to artificial insemination and this process has already been done so there should be no reason for a long delay until a human is cloned. In conclusion, ethics is a topic that must be dealt with when science is involved. There will always be someone who disagrees with an experiment or a test, even if it seems like a nice deal that could benefit mankind considerably. Someone will always oppose an issue because if no one did morals wouldn’t be an issue to debate over.

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