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The Ethics of Cloning pig 2 Human Cloning Is the reproduction that Involves one parent. Cloning occurs when a single cell from one parent organism begins to develop and divides. This development organism has the same make-up as its parent. We know that in sexual reproduction, it involves two parents. With sexually production organism will have the genetics combination of both parents. The term cloning is normally refers to as artificial.

Human cloning practices normally raise questions and concerns for human mankind and medical safety. The Ethic of Cloning pig 3 In today’s world, as we live longer, scientist has come up with the idea of cloning humans to provide spare parts for future needs. This idea not only concerns people but it horrifies them knowing that this could happen. Scientist has already been experimenting with animals and trees for a number of years. Now, the Idea has mankind of cloning body parts, that it raises ethical issues and concerns.

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Scientists say that it will take some time before human cloning will take place because they deed to know how safe it will be. Cloning contains red blood cells and DNA for completing a human being. While the effects of in modern medicine and improving diets breakthrough, people are living much longer. As people age, our organs can cause us health problems so they need to be replaced. So cloning humans would be the answer of overcoming the many cases of not enough organ donors for sick people.

The Ethics of Cloning Pig Some religious groups think cloning of humans should be banned because some say it is an assault on humans life and religion. A human clone person could have some kind of development defects. Human cloning degrades the dignity of the human race. A professor called Peter Andrews of Sheffield University of the Daily Telegraph, 24 January 2001 , said that he and his colleagues would soon submit an application to use spare IV embryos and hope to clone humans. One biologist has discovered the trigger with stem cells is to turn them into brain cells.

The argument against Human Cloning is that everyone has the same genetic information. What happen if scientific loses the ability to clone? The word “clone” derives from the Greek word “sprout” or “twig”. When looking at the Global Climate Control of cloning scientist feel this will help turn the balance of deteriorating conditions here on earth around now and in the future. The Ethics of cloning Pig 5 When you look at what drives the closers, we must remember a closers is truly driven by the desire to do good for mankind then the perfect cloning should be in monkeys, sheep’s, goats, etc.. Genes as man.

Chimpanzees share 97 percent of the same The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) described existing legal authorities overriding a new class of human somatic cell therapy products and gene therapy products in an October 14, 1993 Federal Register Notice. On February 23, 1997, the public learned that Ian Willet, a Scottish scientist, and his colleagues at the Rossini Institute successfully used a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCANT) to create a clone of a sheep; the cloned sheep was named Dolly. SCANT involves transferring the nucleus of an adult sheep somatic cell, into a sheep egg from which the nucleus had been removed.

After nearly 300 attempts, the cloned sheep known s Dolly was born to a surrogate sheep mother. The Ethics of cloning pig 6 On March 7, 1997 then President Clinton issued a memorandum that stated: “Recent an adult sheep, raise important questions. They potentially represent enormous scientific breakthroughs that could offer benefits in such areas as medicine and agriculture. But the new technology also raises profound ethical issues, particularly with respect to its possible use to clone humans. ” (Prohibitions on Federal Funding for Cloning of Human Beings) Is Human Cloning the final sign for the start of the

Apocalypse? There are some questions the human closers ignore as They Rush to Play God…. “Let Us Make Man in Our Own Image, And In Our Own Likeness” (Gene: 1:26) While there are still some struggles dealing with the ethics of Human Cloning. As people age, our organs can cause us health problems so they need to be replaced with maybe the benefits of human cloning. There are still some side effects in the reproductions with stem cells and body parts. Because of religion beliefs there are some against human cloning because man is not God and they see it is an assault to unman life.

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