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McDonald’s store employees are all unhappy with the treatment of their employer, and they have held boycotts, protests, and have gone to higher authorities because of McDonald’s unethical actions. McDonald’s makes too much money to mistreat their employees but because McDonald’s business takes president over ethics, McDonald’s failed to realize that they could make more money with happy employees. The gory truth behind McDonald’s smiling faces and warm fuzzy feeling is sickening. McDonald’s is known for its delicious foods but behind the scenes it is also one of the world’s largest and cruelest slaughter houses.

McDonald’s farms are to bad only for the animals but for the farmers as well. Farmers are forced to work in unsanitary conditions. They live with cow feces outside of their bedroom windows. Not to mention, the health factors involved. Working around countless of livestock that often get sick makes a worker easily susceptible to illness. The farmers work hard for extended hours with little pay. The unethical treatment makes its way into the restaurants. McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fast food chain that had a positive image tied to its name.

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However, over the years McDonald’s image has changed for he worst. The image that this company had in the past was that it was a place where people would want to work, and a place people wanted to eat and be happy; hence the name “Happy Meals”. Once upon a time, the company was fair in the ways they treated their employees sadly that is no longer the case. Additionally, quite a number of McDonald’s executives started out as hourly employees, who dismally would not allow their children to work for the same company (Bellied, 2014). Employees do not feel that they are being treated fairly.

Coincidentally, 1972, Ray Crock, the company’s under donated $250,000 towards Onion’s reelection and as a result favorable legislation allowed McDonald’s to pay teenage employees 20 percent less than federal minimum wages 1033 (Nab, 2014). “First were global protests by fast-food workers on May 1 5 over working conditions and wages. Then On May 21, more than 100 employees from around the U. S. Were arrested at the company’s headquarters outside Chicago. They were protesting for higher wages and the right to Join a union.

The head of the Service Employees International Union, TTS employees raises because they are they are a major part of McDonald’s. It adds salt to injury for the employees to witness their employers’ profit billions of dollars while the struggle to live off of peanuts. In some countries, the company already has strong unions in place, and the employee’s pay is negotiated nonetheless, in all countries the working conditions are the same for the employees. More and more employees are Joining in on the protests against their company because they all fell as if the company is behaving unethically.

There are so many ethical issues at hand in this case. The ethical deontological issue in this case is that as long as McDonald’s is making billions yearly they do not care about the “little” people. Furthermore, McDonald’s could care less if one or two or even 100 workers quit if they are unhappy because it is such a wealthy and broad business that the business will continue. The norms of any multimillion companies are that the “little” people are always forgotten about (Terrine & Nelson, 2011, Chi. 2). That conflict spills over into entitlement eased ethics (Terrine & Nelson, 2011, Chi. ). The executives feel entitled to live a luxurious life because they worked hard to get to where they are, forgetting that they were once in their current restaurant employees shoes. The employees feel as if they deserve more because they are at ground zero working hard to keep an income as well as help to keep the company successful. In closing, business ethics and personal ethics will always collide and cause a shift between big business owners and its employees. On numerous of instances, businesses will do unethical things in order to continue to run a successful business.

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