Business Ethics Assignment

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The company can defend moving much of it’s manufacturing plants overseas. For the company this cuts labor costs and provides jobs to those who are in desperate need in other countries. The wages provided to employees is in compliance with the local laws. The employees are satisfied with their wages and the hours they work. There is a large demand for this type of work and the company is giving employment to many. Which practices are in need of modification ?

Firstly, the working conditions in the factories need to be improved. The standards for working conditions should be the same as in the United States no matter what the law is in that country. Employees have the right to work in a healthy environment and access to clean drinking water and cooler working conditions. The workers also need to be made aware of the company’s code of conduct so that safety is a priority. Children under the age of 14 do not need to be employed. It is understandable that children be employed as moieties families need the additional income.

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However, education should be encouraged and the company could provide classes while giving the children the same pay just working fewer hours. The wages also need modification. Although wages meet the standards of local law, employees should be provided with enough wage to meet basic needs for living. The wages should allow the employees to have adequate shelter, clothing, and food for their families. If no changes are made to working conditions, will you continue to do business with this particular factory? I would not continue to o business with a factory who does not improve working conditions.

If changes that need to be made have been made clear and no progress has occurred, I would not continue to do business because safe and healthy working conditions are a basic human right. No person should have to work in such unfair conditions and if a factory is unwilling to change that, the company should not continue to support that. Do believe the company should make a strong effort to change the working conditions before discontinuing business in order to help the employees at that factory.

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