Business Ethics: Code of Conduct Assignment

Business Ethics: Code of Conduct Assignment Words: 415

You as an employee, will comply with the code and the law whether you are at work or off company property. Each employee will maintain good judgment and avoid any improper behavior. Each employee will consider their own actions and if in doubt if anything is unethical will ask themselves: Is it legal? Is it consistent with Morning Corporations code Of ethics?

Would I or anyone read it in the newspaper and be okay With it? Is it ethical? If you can answer no to these questions, then don’t do it or ask for guidance. You can ask: Management Legal counsel Code of ethics officer What is expected from Morning Corporation as your employer Morning Corporation will promote strong ethics and compliance Managers should at all times set and example. As a manger of Morning Cooperator you will: Make certain employees understand our companies code of ethics policies Discuss and reinforce the importance of ethics and compliance

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Maintain an environment where employees feel safe in coming to you with concerns Always stop violations of code What is expected from employees Every employee will comply with requirements of the law No employee will engage in any detective, unethical and unlawful behavior Each employee shall have respect for one another Suppliers Morning Corporations relationship with consumers The success of Morning Corporation depends on maintaining and building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and competitors.

We pride ourselves in the development of trust and marketing our products on merit and maintaining a fundamental goal. Health and Safety Morning Corporation will provide every employee with a safe and healthy workplace governed by law. Each employee is expected to comply with rules and regulations that ensure the health and safety of themselves and others. Confidentiality Each employee with Morning Corporation will maintain the confidentiality of any and all information dealing with the company, unless authorized by management. Why Morning Corporation practices good business ethics

At the Morning Corporation we represent good ethical values, based on fairness, integrity, values, and honesty. Our code of ethics is more than just understanding rules and law. As an organization we govern ourselves with strong ethics, especially dealing with finances, health care, and interactions with consumers. Business ethics is very important here at the Memoranda Corporation, because without strong ethics we as a business could fail. It is very important that all employees process good ethical behavior for a successful business.

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