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Withholding needed information from employees, customers, vendors or public Common Causes of Unethical Behavior Pressure Fear Greed Convenience Causes of unethical Behavior (cont’d) Following boss’s directives Meeting overly aggressive business/financial objectives Helping the organization survive Meeting schedule pressures Be a team player (group think) Rationalizing that others do it Resisting competitive threats Advancing own career Ethical Dilemmas Making decisions under stress or dealing with complex issues that have no clear indication of what is right or wrong.

There are NO simple ethical dilemmas… All have layers of meaning and effect. Business Ethics Myths Business ethics is a new fad. Business ethics ?? religion vs.. Business ethics is obvious – “do good! ” Business ethics is good guys preaching to bad guys. “Weightlessness’s” Reluctance Didn’t believe action would be taken. Feared retaliation from MGM. Didn’t trust confidentiality. Feared not being a team player. Feared retaliation from co-workers. Didn’t know who to contact. Nobody cares, why should l? (cont’d) Ethics can’t be managed. Being legal = being ethical.

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Managing ethics has little practical relevance. Ethical Tips for Organizations Develop a code of ethics. Communicate code and bake it into culture top-down. Treat ethics as a process. Create open lines of communication. Set good examples. Educate employees – frame issues through storytelling. Value forgiveness. Benefits of Managing Ethics in the Workplace Improves society. Maintains a moral course in turbulent times. Cultivates employee teamwork, productivity, morale and development. Acts as an insurance policy. Establishes values for quality management, strategic planning ND diversity management.

Promotes strong public image. It is the RIGHT thing to do! Individuals Establish personal values. Be aware of ethical events. Develop critical thinking techniques. Be reflective. Make it a priority every day.

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