Code of Business: Ethics and Conduct Assignment

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Being a world-class franchiser and increasing our restaurant profitability TTY and operational excellence worldwide cannot, and will not, be done at the expense of comport missing our commitment to doing the right thing. We are passionate about our brand, our GUESTS and our franchisees. To en’s ere that our guests are happy with our products and services, we should never vary from the high quo laity and standards that we have set for ourselves. We are all committed, very simply, to Doing What’s Rig HTH. Other Things You Should Know about this Code As a condition Of your employment with the Company, you are responsible of r reviewing knowing and complying with all Company policies, including the standards in this Code. For a complete copy of any Company policy, you should contact your supervisor, the human resources De apartment or the law department. In many countries, global policies can be found on [email protected] Gateway y under “Policies and Guidelines. ” While this Code and our policies cover most situations that you may confront, here will no doubt be circumstances that need to be addressed individually.

In these instances, plea SE contact your supervisor, the chief ethics and compliance officer, your human resources representative or an attorney in the law department for guidance. You should also be aware that anyone who violates this Code may be subject to disciplinary action, including the possibility of dismissal from the Company. To ensure that we are monitoring our performance against the high standard s we have set for ourselves, Company employees are required to complete and return a certificate Of com appliance or acknowledgment on a periodic basis in the manner instructed by the Comma NY.

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It is your responsibility to comply with this Code. Let’s ensure our performance e meets the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. 5 BC Positive [email protected] This Code is part of BC Positive [email protected], the Company’s corporate responsibility y program, which guides our commitment to good corporate citizenship everywhere we operate. This Code is part of that commitment and helps protect the interests Of our constituents and stakeholder deer ?? our employees, franchisees, guests, investors and business partners.

To understand more ABA UT the BC Positive [email protected] program, log onto BC. Com. 6 Make the Right Choice and Speak Up! Your Reporting Obligations Being means that each of us is responsible for ensuring that o our Company conducts its business with honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards. This means that if you suspect or know of a violation of this Code, Company policy or the law, you must report t he suspected or actual violation.

You can report the situation by calling the toll-free reporting line pop Steed in your workplace or by contacting your supervisor, the chief ethics and compliance officer, your h man resources representative or an attorney in the law department. Your report will be shared only with those who have a need to know or as 20th rises necessary to complete an investigation or respond to the inquiry. You will not be subject to discipline or any type of retaliation for reporting in good faith any violation of this Code, the Company’ s policies or the law.

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