Internet advertising Assignment

Internet advertising Assignment Words: 211

Even Internet advertising is becoming more and more popular; it is still considered a new medium creating opportunities and challenges for advertisers. Advertisers are still uncertain about its effectiveness (Woolen and Karaoke, n. D). In order to utilize this new medium, its critical for advertisers to understand about customer behaviors to influence them to make decision as difference customers have different thinking and perception.

There are researches in the past focusing on Internet advertising effectiveness in terms of banner ads, interactivity with audience, belief, attitude and behavior toward Internet advertising, yet there is scarce researches measure the effectiveness of Internet advertising in increasing sales. Vietnam is a beautiful and famous for traveling therefore not only more and more foreigners decided to visit Vietnam but also local people. However, in Vietnam, Internet advertising is still being used as secondary communication channel.

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To fill this gap, this research addresses the research questions whether an effective Internet advertising effects customer behavior in the tourism industry. It provides advertisers with confidence and practical implications in using Internet advertising, facilitating strategy and integrated communication process. This topic with main purpose in using an effective Internet advertising, it also can help to introduce more about Vietnam to everyone.

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