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Without a capable and productive employees, an organization cannot afford to produce an output from the input that runs the organization well and this leads to inefficient and ineffective development Of the organization in gaining the abundance of profit. HARM is the organizational function which deal and find the innovative ways to improve issues that is related to the development of the employees such as job analysis, recruitment, selection, training development, compensation, communication, administration and so on.

HARM is responsible to enhance the ability and skills of an employee to ensure that the employee is able to contribute and provide an excellent outcome for the organization. HARM also involve in established a comprehensive and strategic approaches in managing the employees with several methods which can bring such a big impact according to the suitability of the methods. HARM acts as a basic fundamental to implement and encourage the work culture. It is very important to have a good work culture in the organization as it helps a lot in the interaction among the employees.

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HARM indeed plays a big role as a connector between the employee and upper management so the activity in the organization can work well. A strong bond of relationship between the employees and upper management can create a good image that can produce a booming result in many aspects. 2. What is the primary function of Human Resource Management? The primary function of Human Resource Management consists of staffing, human resource development, compensation, safety and health ad employee and labor relations.

First, staffing is defined as the process to ensure the organization have a sufficient umber of employees within the suitable skills in the right occupation and period to attain organizational goals. This is very important as the productivity of an organization can be affected due to lack of employees and leads to a slower progress in running the company. There are several processes involving staffing which is job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment and selection.

First, job analysis is defined as the organized progress in identifying the skills, duties and comprehension acquired to perform task regarding to the needs and wants Of an organization. Second, human source planning. Human resource planning is organized progress in matching the inside and outside allocation of people with the occupation availability. Third, recruitment is defined as the progress to captivate a person to appeal for any profession in the organization with proper proficiency in the adequate figure within the right time.

Finally, selection. The selection process is very important as this process determines any improbable or threats due to lack of choosing the right employees. Selection is defined as the progress of selecting the best accept bled applicant among a bunch of applicants to fill up the post in a particular organization. Besides, human resource development. Human resource development (H RD), it is very important for the HARM department to strategies and organize their incentive and innovative methods to enhance and erupt the human capital in the organization.

The performance of the employees indicates how well the HARM emphasizes and ensure the goals of the organization can be accomplished. The HARD consists of training and development, performance development, career planning and development, performance appraisal and organizational placement (ODD). In training and development, the learners were given with comprehension and skills needed to meet the current and future job demands. In career planning and development, HARM establishes the progress of an individual to achieve their goal with appropriate quality.

For performance management and appraisal, HARM expresses the productivity of the organization through the overall assessment. In ODD, HARM implements the positive behavioral effectively in the organization. Moreover, compensation. The compensation provides perquisite to the employees through financial insemination and nonofficial compensation to motivate them to do their best in doing their task to achieve organizational goals. In safety and health, HARM associated with the liberty and safekeeping of the employees in the organization.

In employee and labor relations, a union of employees responsible for the welfare and movement of employees. 3. What is the role of Human Resource Management as an organization’s strategic plan? As the Human Resource Manager (HARM) involve in strategic planning HER executive must work with the top management in achieving great plans and results. To make a strategic plan, HER needs to hire the right people in a job. This mean HER need to know the employee expert at and put them in the right position. With the right job position, the workers can do their best and make a concrete result for the company.

Besides that, HER needs to recruit the eager person to be a worker and can make the connection with the customer. For example, Cataracts recruit people who have a need to connect with customers and co- workers. Besides that, HER needs to develop and retain their employee career. Career development is the formal approach used by the organization ensures the worker with proper qualification and experiences are there when needed. Here, employees can see the firm’s career development is furthering their specific career objectives. For example, Cataracts attempt to work with businesses that train and develop their employees, as they did it too.

To retain their workers, Cataracts endeavors provides all their workers with a safe and healthy work environment. For example, access to potable drinking water, emergency medical and first aid kits. HER also plays a role in trains workers in an organization. Training here means activities that designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skill needed for their jobs. These activities will train their skills and improves their skill for their jobs. To make the employees feel enjoy the training; it must be a creative training. As Cataracts has done with their ‘Be creative with training sessions.

They make the condition of exhibition of Cataracts’ Leadership is that it ‘feel like a Cataracts theme park’ rather than a conference center. Besides, creative experience will help the training to stick long after the production ends. As HER in an organization, they need to do performance management. Performance management is a goal-oriented process directed toward ensuring that organizational processes are in place to maximize the productivity of teams, employees, and ultimately the organization. It is the major player in organizational strategy as it involves measuring and improving the value of the workforce.

For Cataracts, they design performance standards that are not behavior driven, and are related to the job function and are quantifiable. They also let the employee know what is expected of them.

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