Human Resource Management Overviews Assignment

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Employees may not count human resource (HER) as a physical apartment, but this one department is responsible; administrative, discipline, hiring, training, and developing employees. Human Resource Management The HER management has a very important role to play in the company’s day-to-day operations. Some of the biggest parts they play into the company are, but not limited to; “recruitment and training, performance appraisals, maintaining work atmosphere, managing disputes, and developing public relations” (Human Resource Excellence, n. ). The size of the company will determine how HER will operate, if each department will have a HER preventative or every employee can just go to any HER person. During the hiring process HER goal is to find the right people for the jobs that the company is hiring for, to accomplish the daily operation of the company. Primary Function of Human Resource Management Human resource management (HARM) always needs to know the mission of the company and then find areas that need improvement throughout the company to better the production.

Functions that the HARM will deal with every working day are; “recruitment, training and development, professional development, benefits and compensation, and ensuring legal compliance” place LISA, 2013). HARM has to make sure ever employee and company are receiving their benefits and are paying the correct taxes that are required by state. When a company expand or even puts a plant overseas, people with different background, ethnic, and culture will Start working for the company. To protect the company and every employee new policies, guidelines, and strategic plans will be put into place by HARM.

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By the HARM protecting every employee, this strengthens the company as a whole and the better quality of products comes out of the company. Before he new hire starts his or her actual work everything needs to be taken care of from the HER side which is; having the contract signed, training, and making sure their information is correct so they can get paid. By making sure that all employees are trained, the work environment will boost the morale and in return the company will see better productivity which will lead to bigger profit margins.

HARM can not be everywhere all the time in the company, so a manager of a department needs to know a little bit how HER works so they can help the process out. “Is an organization better off with a properly unction HARM department? Of course, most of us would say yes, but today’s business environment requires any business function to justify its existence by its contribution to the bottom line” (Decency, Robbins, & Overhauls, 2013, p. 45).

Role of Human Resource Management in an Organization’s Strategic Plan There is different point of views in the workforce on what type of roles the HER department plays in the strategic planning process. Some people say the HER department is only a just fulfillment to a company. With HER playing a role in the strategic plan a must for the HER department is leadership and employee engagement. “Often times HER is called to help implement a key initiative of strategy after the decision has already been made” (The Freely Group, 2008, p. L).

HARM should not just be told to write the policy for the strategic plan, but should have a seat in the meeting to make the plan. HER needs to understand the process and in what direction the company is trying to, by know this information they can be a part of the strategic planning. During the strategic planning process each stage with be reviewed to make sure everything is covered what needs to be covered. HER will need o be able to find the opportunity and speak up with the ideas the department has in mind that may help the company.

Long-term and short- term goals play a huge part in the company making up their strategic plan, with that HER also plan a huge role in making those goals happen by recruiting and training the employees. Conclusion HER is the department that will lead the company in the right direction with the plans and policies that are put in place. By keeping on track with the company and hiring the right people for the right job will keep the company having enthusiastic employees and in return the shareholders and company ill continue making money.

HARM plays important roles and has important functions within the company to help them achieve their goals in the workforce. By being able to recruit and training and development all employees new and old is a great accomplishment to achieve.

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