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Hum Gareeb Log Hain, Kisi Ko Mohabbat K Siwa Kya Dege.. Ek Muskurahat Thi, Wo Bhi Bewafa Logon Ne Cheen Sometimes, you make me so mad I wanna throw you into the middle of oncoming traffic but then i realize i would probably kill myself trying to save you I’m currently making some changes in my life, if you don’t hear from me, you’re one of them. I cried a little tonight, not because I’m sad, but because I’m tired of everything going wrong. Just exhausted. Never tell your problems to anyone… 20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them Money can’t buy LOVE. That’s why we say people steal HEARTS!

I Love You, Higher than the sky, wider than the ocean and deeper than the sea.. When I say I Love U’. Believe me it’s True.. When I say Forever’.. I know I’ll Never Leave U.. When I say Goodbye.. Promise Me.. U won’t Cry.. Cause the Day I’ll be saying that.. Would be the Day I Die.. ! Not wasting any more time on people who don’t make the effort or care… Just wanted to THANK YOU for opening my eyes to what kind of a person YOU really are… Wow I feel as DUMB… as you LOOK! Kabhi Kabhi Dil Ye Soch Ke Rota hai.. ” Hum Sabh Ke hoke bhi…. Kisi Ek Ke Apne Na ban PAye… mAiN klnA bEvAfAa hAaN JO 1K PAI VICH os nE mAiNlJ bHuLaA dltA, tE os cH klnl I’m not ignoring you, I’m Just waiting for you to to realize your mistake and own up to it. If you can’t do that, then there is nothing to say.. Love the one who loves you. Respect the one who deserves it. Value those who take care of you. And forget those who don’t deserve you! I get Jealous because I love you & I don’t want anybody to have you but me I get Jealous because your the only person I want & I don’t want to lose you. I built a wall around my heart but you were the only one brave enough to climb over t.

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You may love someone for what they are,who they are,and what they can be. But when you cant explain WHY you love someone that’s TRUE love! My Forvever First & Last Prayer To God : Keep everyone happy to that extent that they should forget me….. 🙂 “Tere Jane Ke Baad Sirf ltna Sa Gila Raha Ham Ko Tu Palat Ke Dekh Jata To Zindagi Intezaar Mein Guzar Dete” Just because we are not together anymore, Doesn’t mean I stopped Caring about you….. I tere sitam ki shkayat karun to kis se karun ??? hum to Jis se milay wo tera humshakal nikla,??????!!! “HaMen rotA dHekH kAr Wo yEh kEh KaR cHal dlyE..

Ke rota to hAr KOI hE to KYA hum sAb Ke ho Jaye” Tanhaai ki Raat Katt He Jayege ltni Bhi Hum MaJboor Nhe Dohra Kar Teri Baton ko, Kabi Hans Len Gy Kabi Ro Len Ab Jb Maut Mulhe lene aai too yeh kehkar Wapas chali gai ki “Me Zindgi unki letihu Jo Zinda hote h” Na Janay kis baat pe wo hum se naraz hy Khawaboo ma b milti hy to baat nhi karti..!! 🙁 udaasi acchi nahi.. Zara sa hans lein to log muskurane ki waJah pooch lety hain…!! I have always been afraid of losing people i love, but sometimes i keep asking myself, Is there anyone who’s afraid of losing me too?

Alfaaz Toh Bhut Hay Meri Mohabbat Bayaan Karne ko…. Par Jab Tum Meri khamoshi Na SamJhe Toh Alfaaz kya Still your eyes tell it all Still my silence feel it all To the whole world we are single But my heart is committed forever Its in the most beautiful relationship With ‘You’ Even If I Have Hundreds Of Reasons To Be Sad, Thousands Of Reasons To Frown, Millions Of Reasons To Cry, You Are The Only Reason I Need To Smile And Be Happy. I know we are miles n miles away from one another bt I always believed that as long as our souls are connected to each other the flame of our love will burn forever… AaJ dhulhan k laal lode mein use uski sakhiyo ne saJaya hoga, meri Jaan k gore aathon ko mehndi se saJaya hoga….. bht gehra chadha hoga mehendi ka rang….. uss mehendi mein usne mera naam chupaya hoga……. reh reh kar ro padi hog’ lb – Jb usse mera khyal aya hoga…. khud ko dkha hoga aaine mein… to aks mera bhi nazar aaya hoga……. aaJ dkh kr usko chand bi sharmaya hoga…. aaJ meri Jaan ne apne maa baap ki izzat ko bachaya hoga…. . usne beti hone ka farz nibhaya hoga…. maJburi hogi wo sabse zyada…. sochta hun kis tarah usne khud ko samJhaya hoga…….. apne haathon se humare khaton ko Jalaya hoga……. hud ko mazbut bna kr khud ko mitaya hoga… hukhi hogi Janta hu main…… mere bina usne kuch na khaya hoga…… kaise sambhala hoga khud ko Jalaya hoga……….. par sochta hu in sbke bich use khyal mera toh aaya hoga……. 🙁 http://www. google. co. in/search? um=l No matter how many gorgeous faces you set your eyes upon, if you already set your heart for someone, you will hardly notice anyone…. ‘ Jaane kya muJhse zamana chahta hai Mera dil todkar muJhe hasana chahta hai Jaane kya baat Jhalakti hai mere chehre se Har shaks muJhe aazmana chahta hai Sath chor k kabhi muJh se juda nahi hona, Wafa chahiye tum se bewafa nahi hona,

Rooth Jaye sari duniya muJh se magar, Tum kabhi bhi ham se khaFa nahi hona….!!! Best Lines BY A BROKEN HEART Sorry My Heart Is Closed For Renovation…!!! Be sack When The Damage Has we lose people. But you never forget them. And sometimes,it’s those memories that give us the strength to go I promise you that I will share all my thoughts feelings with you I promise you that’ I will understand everything that you do’ I will be completely honest with you’ I will laugh & cry with you’ I will share my life with you But most important of all I will love you forever When You Wait for someone for few MINUTES,

It’s your NEED When You Wait for someone for few HOURS, It’s your TRUST This is the best quote ever. Life is about change – it is about losing everything and still being able to live on. Even nature experiences fall and winter, but come spring everything manages to live on. RK Dedicated to all beloveds. ‘ I Saw My Tears In Your Eyes. I Know That When I Was In Pain You Have Cried =( I Don’t Fear Anything In This World. As I Know Someone Caring Like You Is There In My Life =) I gave u the right to Rule my heart… I gave u the right to Touch my soul… I gave u the Right to evythng F mine….

In return…. I just wanna see u SMILING OLWEZ… Love U my Love “Kash Ke Hameln ek mauka milta apni Mohabbat Ko Jatane Ka Aey Khudaya Hum Apni Sans Ka Zarra Zarra Bhi Us Ki Rooh K Naam Kar Dete…. Dedicated to all girls !! Why girls get married and go 2 a strangers home Coz they are blessed angles of the Almighty,’ After filling their Own home wid colour Of Happiness, they go away 2 colour Others home,” Realize the values Of girls n respect them WH???????n My Eyes Open, I wanna SEE fL9ST You I wonD???????9.. If THIS COM???????s Tnu???????… Ev???????9..!! BUT If Aee CarlT Happen On THIS Ea9TH….. ??????..

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