What Is Poverty? Assignment

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What is poverty is it hunger? Is it not having a roof over your head. Is it not having a job. The actual definition of poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor; indigence. Poverty is a tough topic to discuss. We can look at it from many different view points. Here in the USA we tend to not think much of our impoverished communities. We figure they are a lot better off than in other countries. Our poorest people usually live in ghettos or roam the streets.

Our basis on poverty is usally the income of an individual. If their income falls below the poverty line, but this poverty line does not take into account welfare and other government programs. In the USA our poverty rate is higher than european countries. The united states has a lot less distribution of income than europe. According to the united states census bureau, there are 36 million people living in this country that live below the poverty level in the united states.

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This was based on the annual poverty threshhold. In 2004, for a family of four the threshhold was $19,157. For a person under 65 the threshhold was $9,827. In third world countries it’s a much different tale. Poverty can fall into many different categories. In Africa poverty is more of trying to find were your next meal is going to come from. Around the world millions have no shelter or food. The difference in africa’s poverty is easily seen.

A black south africans income is $1,803. Throughout most of africa there is many people without food. Many do not have a home to live in. In africa disease is also an issue many die of aids and otherdiseases each year because they do not have the income to afford the medication. So with those differences in mind, should we include material aspects of life such as cars and clothes. In America it is very hard to come out of poverty if you have no

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