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Today’s traveler can virtually tour destinations at the touch of a finger, communicate with distant Islands on their way to the office and plan customized adventures through simple online littorals. By falling to connect with and captivate this virtual audience, many tourism enterprises are fighting an uphill battle. Therefore, stop marketing. Start marketing with a purpose. Without the correct combination of tourism marketing strategies, tools, and technology, your travel business will not able to find potential clients, and even more importantly, those potential clients will not be able to find you.

A successful tourism business requires a brand that speaks to Its target markets, content that successfully generates potential clients and a level of service that listens o customers’ demands, all within ever diminishing budget constraints. Inbound marketing-??in contrast to outbound marketing (such as paid online advertisements or direct based on the concept of making your business easy to find and drawing customers to your website through inspiring content.

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When you go on summer vacation and spend days shopping in antique stores, hiking In a national park, eating local food and taking In a musical at the amphitheater, you are being a tourist. Tourism occurs when you leave your normal surroundings where you live and work to go to another environment to engage in activities there, regardless of how lose or how far it is. You are a visitor, and what you do while visiting is tourism. Individuals and organizations at your destination promoted those activities through advertising or other forms of marketing.

Tourism Marketing Plan Every marketing effort should begin with a plan, and tourism marketing Is no different. The marketing plan Is your road map and details the attractions In your area. It forces you to set a budget on your promotional spending. At the end of each tourism season, you can use your marketing plan to set goals and make changes for next year. For example, if revenue at one attraction did not meet expectations, reaps it needs product development some upgrades to make it more appealing to visitors or better advertising.

Partnerships Tourism marketing can be expensive, particularly if you want to attract national or international tourists. Typical funding sources are state tourism agencies and taxes, including hotel taxes. To stretch tourism dollars, public/private partnerships often form among local and regional businesses and chambers of commerce. For example, if there are several tourist attractions in a specific county or across several neighboring counties the entire area can be marketed as an appealing weakling Partnerships can provide tourists with a fuller travel experience.

Characteristics Tourism marketing has distinct characteristics from other marketing plans. Because tourists are temporary, they are exposed to an area’s goods and services for shorter periods. But tourists are counting on having a good time, so marketers should consider strategies that appeal to the emotions, such as treating kids to a memorable experience. Tourism-dependent businesses rely on other organizations: One example of leveraging this dependence would be a musical venue offering discount coupons for meals at a nearby restaurant.

Tourist Themes Combining tourism with volunteer opportunities is another tourism marketing strategy that appeals to many tourists. Popular both domestically and abroad, such volunteer tourism can range from repairing schools on American Indian reservations to installing water systems in poor communities. Promoting sustainable tourism efforts also appeals to environmentally conscious travelers. Sustainable tourism emphasizes a balance on tourist activities and the effect it has on its surroundings, such as the environment.

Practices include such things as energy-saving upgrades, environmentally friendly products and signs and even limiting the number of visitors to outdoor areas. KARAKAS TOURISM Karakas, is situated on the Western edge of the Decca Plateau. This land of fragrance has all the ingredients of a great holiday. Its varieties lie in the relaxed length of the Arabian sea coastline, majestic Decca rock to thick lush tropical forests, silk and sandalwood, an incredible variety of rare species of flora and fauna, a rich culture and heritage, forts, Palaces, ruins, Ornate Temples and pilgrim centers and Hill resorts.

This miniature Indian State has plenty to offer and rightly poised to be en of the best Global Tourist destinations of the world in the coming years. Karakas, the eighth largest state in India has been ranked as the fifth most popular state in the country for tourism. It is home to 507 of the 3600 centrally protected monuments in India, the largest number after Attar Pradesh. [4] The State Directorate of Archaeology and Museums protects an additional 752 monuments and another 25,000 monuments are yet to receive protection.

The states which are ahead of Karakas in terms of foreign tourist arrivals are Delhi, Maharajah’s, UP, Tamil Nadia, Restaurants, the total domestic tourists visiting different destinations in India entranced 4th mongo all other Indian states only after UP, AP and Tamil Endogamous accounts for the highest tourist arrivals in the state. The other major tourist destinations rubella, Halberd, Jog falls, and Bujumbura which together attract more than 75% of the total tourist arrivals the state. Jog falls has shown the highest growth in the total tourist arrivals in the last few years.

Negative growth rate in the recent past has been observed in tourist arrival in the destinations likeability, Bedlam, Awhile Hosted, Hammy (world heritage center), Chitchatted, and And Hills. Barring few places like Chronological, Bujumbura, Awhile, And Hills, in general, there has been nonverbal growth observed in the total tourist arrival during the period 1993-1999. The destinations likenesses, Blur, Halberd attract maximum number of domestic tourists as well as foreigners visiting testate.

The State currently ranks as the 4th most popular destination in the country. Around 12. 6 milliseconds tourists and 2,63,000 foreigners visited the state during 2000. The state attracts around 4%of the foreign tourist arrivals to India. Tourism industry in Karakas employed around 1. 56 Lakewood directly and 3. 9 lack indirectly, generating revenue of RSI. 195. 24 core in 2000. The Karakas Government has recently introduced The Golden Chariot – a train which connects popular tourist destinations in the state and Ago.

Tourist Infrastructure Facilities Internal Transport The state of Karakas is well connected by different modes of transportation. The internal Air service is limited only to Bangles and Mangrove, although there are quite a few number of airports / airstrips in the state. The regular bus services to various places in the state are well supported by both private and public sector enterprises. In Karakas, KARTS (Karakas State Road Transport Corporation) plies more than 11,000 buses carrying around 6. 5 million passenger everyday.

Accommodation Accommodation facilities in the State are satisfactory only at major destinations at present with adequate rooms to accommodate the inflow of tourists of all classes and budget. Although, there is a need for more tourist accommodation specially in the places of tourists interest, the industry in general has been showing a slow growth in terms of number of rooms or new hotels coming up. Average annual occupancy ranges between 55-60%. As per the Karakas Pradesh Hotel and Restaurant Association, there are over 1600 hotels and restaurants in the State.

Tourist Information and Intermediaries The State department of Tourism and the Karakas State Tourism Development Corporation are bringing out more tourism related brochures and documents showcasing the state as ‘A Theatre of Inspiration’, and ‘A land of diverse tourist destinations’. There are around 30 booking agents of SKIDS in the city and 50 all over the state. More than 100 travel and tour agents are operating through out the state. Currently, 75% of the tourists book through their agents.

SKIDS has future plans to open offices at a large number of strategic locations and extend all kind of assistance to the tourists including ticket booking, attractive package tour, Taxi arrangement, Pick up and drop facilities. Identified Tourism Projects destinations, sustainability and maintenance of the CEO-balance of the region, etc. These are the projects which can ‘stand-alone’ and attract local population, day tourists, apart from the domestic and foreign tourists visiting the destination. O Coors Restaurant Ropey Camp with restaurant Village Adventurous Lake Camps Program o Karma-trekking Camp

Saga-Luxury Train o Kananga shirker Integrated Jog Development Plan Development Strategy o Rare Gliding Sports o O Beach Cottage o Galatea o Five Star Hotel o Children’s Park o Museums/ Heritage Centers o Ethnic o Fort/Palace/Temple Dept o O Light ; Sound o Carnation Cornstalk’s tourism development strategy should focus on the following priorities: ; The management and implementation of the Tourism Master Plan ; Promoting travel in Karakas and establishing Cornstalk’s position as a world-class tourism destination while retaining its distinctive identity ; The restoration and preservation f tourism attractions and the promotion of CEO-tourism ; Promoting repeat visits and educational trips ; Raising Cornstalk’s profile and showcasing the State as a global destination ; Increasing visitor arrivals and positioning Karakas as a hub for meetings, conventions and exhibitions SHIMS Supernaturalism in Amanda district is 120 SMS from Bangles via Bangles – Moser Highway( alternate route is Kandahar road). In this Revering Island formed by the Caver, the river branches off and cascades from a great height to form two segmented waterfalls, one the wider Brachium and the other a kilometer away allied Significance. Significance again has two views one from the drag(mosque) side and the other from the viewing gallery side. From the view gallery side you can view Sais’s First Hydroelectric power station cradled in the valley below which powered Koala Gold fields in 1902 and Bangles in 1905, thus making it the first city in Asia to get electrified.

Currently there is no access to the station deep down in the valley but as school students when we went on an excursion, we were taken into the power station deep into the valley by a cabled wagon. No student of Kananga can escape a lesson on this place in their Kananga text. Emerald green fields of payday,sugarcane and vegetables, drifting mists over the faraway mountains, swaying palms, A tree house( perhaps a watch tower for the payday fields), quaint village houses with terracotta tiles, glistening leaves of trees washed by the rains, network of water channels, an old bridge like an ancient relic with past padding(fungal) walls which looked steady and sturdy, Giggle dam, Midrange(post coming up) are all the visual treats.

Supernumerary Falls Supernumerary (Kananga: beddedВ??4) is a small town in the Amanda District of the here the boundary to the Cameraman’s District, and is the location of one of the iris Hydro-electric Power stations in Asia, which was set up in the year 1902. The Supernumerary Falls is on the Xavier River after the river has wound its way through the rocks and ravines of the Decca Plateau and drops off to form waterfalls. The island town of Supernumerary divides the river into twin waterfalls. This creates the fourth largest island in the rivers course. A group of ancient temples are located here and there likely was a village. This is a segmented waterfall.

Segmented waterfalls occur where the water flow is broken into two or more channels before dropping over a cliff, resulting in multiple side by side waterfalls. It has an average width of 305 meters, a height of 98 m, and an average volume of 934 cubic meters / sec. The maximum recorded volume is 18,887 cubic meters / sec. It is a perennial waterfall. The time of best flow are the monsoon season of July to October. A common misconception about these waterfalls are that the left segment is called Significance and the right segment is called Branchlike. In reality the Branchlike falls are a few kilometers to the south-west of the Significance falls .

This is due to the Xavier river itself splitting a few kilometers to the south into western and eastern branches . The western branch results in the twin waterfalls of Significance, whereas the eastern branch results in the Branchlike falls. The Significance waterfalls are best viewed from the Supernumerary watch tower. Most of the pictures showing the twin waterfalls are taken from that location. There is another approach to the Significance falls from the Drag Hazard Marine Gab (Imam All) [5]. Despite warnings being posted, people climb down the rocks and attempt to view the waterfalls from behind/top, resulting in many fatal accidents. It is 139 km from the city of Bangles.

Adventurous people can trek down but there is a warning road which reads how a SIS engineer Kappa got killed in the water. The water force here is so powerful like an ocean that this place is called ‘Shiva samara'(ocean of Shiva). The force of the Shims water was harnessed into hydroelectric power in 1902. Thus earning the erstwhile Moser state the glorious position of establishing the First major hydro-electric station as early as 1902 for commercial operation. This art was still at infancy, even in the advanced countries. The longest transmission line, with highest voltage in the world was constructed to meet the power needs of mining operations at Koala Gold fields.

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