Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Assignment

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As a strategic and comprehensive approach HARM manages people and the work environment and workplace culture. Through HARM employees are able to contribute more and be more productive and help the company accomplishment its goals and objectives. Even though HARM is not as traditional and many of its primary services are being outsourced it is now being used to develop the strategic use of workers and employee programs that impact the organization in important ways. Harm’s new role includes helping the organization develop a strategic direction and this demonstrates its value within the organization.

There are many primary functions of human resource management. Job Design or arranging tasks duties and responsibilities for the purpose of accomplishing certain objectives is a very important function of HARM. Job Analysis describes position and, its tasks, responsibilities without this function an organization could not assign the right person to the right position. Recruitment involves attracting suitable candidates to vacant positions from both internally and externally this is also important in assigning the right people to suitable positions.

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Selection, application evaluation, and Interviewing are all part of the hiring process. Selecting the best person to do a particular job from all those who have been recruited, evaluating the applications sent by the candidates, and interviewing the most qualified applicants are all part of the hiring process used by HARM to get the best workers for their organization. Another important role HARM has is in the evaluation of an employee’s performance in order to deduce weather his or her performance meets expected levels.

One of the vital functions of HARM is factors concerning salaries and wages which include wage rates, cost of living, competitor wage scales, and labor productivity. Training and placement is a primary function because it teaches the skills and knowledge needed for employees to carry out responsibilities, and improves the performance of employees in their current job. Health and safety is vital because it is a requirement that a reasonable level of professional health and safety on the job and in the environment is maintained. Organizations have to ensure employees physical and mental health, and a work place free of hazards.

Discipline is need in every organization HARM ensures that the organization develops implements and maintains an appropriate disciplinary system. HARM also handles grievances, labor Relations, and even collective bargaining when necessary. HARM is indispensable for all of these functions and more it basically controls all human aspects of the organization. Even though HARM is considered indispensable to most aspects of organizational management in strategic planning it is usually used solely as a compliance function. Management usually looks to the HARM consulting type services such as leadership development, performance and hiring.

HER is brought in to implement initiatives pertaining to strategy after the decision has already been made not during the planning process. The role HARM plays in the strategy process is focused on workforce planning and succession planning. These functions are opportunities for HARM to become involved during the development of strategic plans. Strategy is more difficult to develop without considering human capital; no strategic plan can be successful without recruiting, developing and managing human capital and this is the job of HARM.

HARM must have the ability to create value to the organization at every step in the strategic planning process from environmental scanning to organizational assessment, to strategy development, implementation, and performance measurement (PARIAH, 012). The goal of strategic planning is to identify and exploit opportunities while managing the possible risks, aligning goals, mission, values, and initiatives of the organization by acquiring the resources needed to gain desirable results expected from stakeholders.

HARM function could be and should be involved in every step of the planning process. This participation by HARM in the planning process builds the idea that it is of value to the organization not only during implementation, but also during the strategic planning process. HARM strength is in providing insight based on acts to stakeholders that enables the shaping of strategies, plans, policies and procedures that balance resources that enable the necessary initiatives and activities, and thereby improving the performance Of organizational systems to the strategic plan.

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