Human resource management Assignment

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Then it has evaluated the effectiveness of the mentioned recruitment and selections processes. Then one of the most important functions of the HER motivational theories has explained while linking that with the reward management process. Different reward systems, methods of monitoring employee performance, utilization of job evaluation in practice have clearly mentioned in the report.

At the latter part of the report employee termination policies, indication of possible reasons for such termination and the legal background of terminations in Sir Lankan context have been shown in relating to the organization. Introduction In Human Resource Management we have studied that an organization is a group of people working towards a common objective. People are identified as the most important element as well as the resource of any organization ND, are titled as “Human Resource”.

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Thus the way people are managed in an organization determines whether it will achieve the objectives and be prosperous or failure. The management functions directed at acquiring this invaluable resource and utilizing it efficiently and effectively are known as Human Resource Management (HARM) or more classically, staffing. “Accordingly this report discussed about managing human resource of an organization. Even though taken as a spate report it should be understood that the function of staffing is inseparable a part of the process of

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