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Weakly Marketing Strategies Weakly (Malaysia) Shed Weakly (Malaysia) SD. Bad. Was incorporated in February 2004 and it is a subsidiary of Weakly Honshu Co. Ltd, a Japanese listed company and a world-renowned manufacturer of proportion products. The Company upholds the philosophy of promoting good health and preventing diseases through the use of proboscis. There is only one Weakly factory in Malaysia which Is located in Serbian, Niger Seminal and Its Head office Is In Glendale, Shah Llama.

This factory produces Weakly for the whole of Malaysia, as well as for export to neighboring countries. Besides that, there are branch offices in Juror Barr, Amelia, Penman, Kanata, IIOP, Serbian, and Jota Barr. About Weakly – The Proportion Health Drinks Currently there are two types of Weakly in the market which are the Weakly Ace and Weakly Ace Light Weakly Ace Is the first product Introduced Into the Malaysia market. Weakly Ace Light is the latest product which contains 50% less sugar and a less sweet taste as compared to Weakly Ace.

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Weakly Ace and Weakly Ace Light have HACK and HALL certificate which ensure that the products are safe to consume and suitable to al Malaysian including the Malay. MARKET PRODUCT FOCUS 1 . Market segmentation Weakly market segmentation Is based on four mall segmentation variables which are the geographic, demographic, cryptographic and behavioral. In geographic segmentation, Yacht’s total consumers around the world are divided based on their nations, regions, countries, cities and so on.

In demographic segmentation, they are divided based on their age, income, gender, occupation, education and so on. In cryptographic segmentation, they are divided based on their lifestyle and personality. 2. Target Marketing Yacht’s current primary target market is the housewives and the collar workers. This is because housewives may know more about the benefits of Weakly and thus will buy for their family to consume.

The collar workers will need some supplementary such as Weakly which contains protocols that will Improve their health due to pressure on work and lack of sleep. 3. Differentiation (Points of Difference) Weakly consists of the beneficial bacterium namely “Lasciviously secretariats strain” (Shirt strain) which is the ‘strongest’ strains of beneficial bacteria and is the main Ingredient in Weakly, and has been shown to replenish the supply of healthy cultivated proportion bacteria distinguishes Weakly cultured milk from others such as Vitiate.

Each bottle of Weakly consists of 30 billion of this proportion bacterium which is 3 times higher than other proportion products. Weakly direct competitors are Vitiate, Intrigue and Solicits whereas indirect competitors are Nestle Bliss, Dutch Lady and Tropical Twister. 4. Positioning (value proposition) miasmal, the proportion health drinks” and”free of preservatives, conditioners, stabilizer ND colorings” always stated in the promotion statement (its current value proposition).

Weakly is backed by 70 years of research in proportion and its main ingredients – Shirt Strain (its proportion bacterium) has positioned Weakly into the health drinks line that contains 30 billion of live Shirt strain (the beneficial proportion bacterium) in each bottle which is 3 times higher than other competitive products. PRODUCT STRATEGIES Product Description There are two types of Weakly, namely Weakly Ace (original) and Weakly Ace Light. Weakly is packaged in an ml bottle and each bottle contains at least 30 billion of robotic bacterium “Lasciviously cases Shirt” (Shirt Strain).

Both Weakly Ace and Weakly Ace Light are almost fat-free and are equivalent to 0. 5 Weight Watchers points. Besides, Weakly is only available in one flavor and one color. This is because different flavors require additional colorings and preservatives. So, Weakly is totally free of preservative, conditioner, stabilizer as well as artificial coloring. The natural (brownish) color of the Weakly drink is resulted from serialization process during the heating of milk and sugar. Weakly has a low Glycerin Index (GIG), which means that he sugar in Weakly enters the blood gradually and it does not significantly increase the blood glucose level.

Weakly taste sour. This is because during fermentation the good bacteria produce organic acid such as lactic acid which tastes sour. Hence, sugar is needed to balance the very sour taste due to high concentration of good bacteria. 1) Weakly Ace (ml) Has a red lid. Has glucose and sucrose (common sugar), which has about the same sugar level as an apple. Contains 63 collieries energy per bottle. Contains water, skimmed milk powder, Calcium, Vitamin 86, 812, D and Niacin Vitamin 83). 2) Weakly Ace Light (ml) Has a blue lid. 50% less sugar compare to Weakly Ace.

Contains 46 collieries energy per bottle. Contains water, skimmed milk powder, glucose, fructose (fruit sugar), and Maillot as a natural sweetener which is made from corn. PRICING STRATEGIES Pricing strategies 1. Product Line Pricing Weakly Ace has a higher concentration of the beneficial proportion bacteria concentration but with 50% less sugar and less sweet taste. Weakly priced their products at a higher retail price as compare to their competitors. They come with 5 tootles (each ml) in a pack where currently: Weakly Ace – ARM 4. 30 per pack Weakly Ace Light – ARM 4. 0 per pack 2. Product Bundle Pricing Weakly came out with the double pack where they combine 2 pack of Weakly drink into 1 and offer at a price of: 2 packs of Weakly Ace – ARM 8. 50 2 packs of Weakly Ace Light – ARM 8. 90 Originally if consumers were to buy 2 pack of the drink separately, it will cost them ARM 8. 60 for Weakly Ace and ARM 9. 40 for Weakly Ace Light. 3. Uniformed Delivery pricing In year 2007, Weakly started the home delivery service system in Malaysia. Weakly uses this strategy where the delivery is free of charge regardless of the location.

This service is known as miasmal Ladies” in which they deliver the drinks to housing area and right to the customer doorstep. Usually these ladies are housewives who have a desire to work part time to earn some extra income, while sharing some health knowledge with their neighbors. Most of them are well trained. Although the delivery is free of charge, it is only available in certain area such as Clangor, Koala Lump, Amelia, Serbian, Penman, Juror and Perk. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES Distribution channels: 1.

Market Intermediaries Weakly sells their products through several retailer outlets such as major supermarkets, hypermarkets and stores. For example, Jay Cisco, Tests, Giant, Mindy and etc. 2. Weakly Trucks Weakly also sell their products through mobile selling by using their own Weakly trucks. Sometimes, Weakly trucks can be seen at night market or primary schools. 3. Home Delivery Service In Year 2007, Weakly started a special home delivery system in Malaysia via “Weakly Ladies”. They visit housing areas to deliver Weakly right to customer doorstep.

The livery service is free; however, it is only available in certain areas for now. Clangor, Koala Lump, Amelia, Serbian, Penman, Juror and Perk are the only area that Weakly cover so far. PROMOTION STRATEGIES Promotion Strategies 1 . Advertising The advertisement used by Weakly shows that Weakly helps promote health by introducing beneficial bacteria for intestinal balance of consumers which leads to good health. Weakly has chosen well its advertising media by using media that has wide circulation and impact such as through newspaper, television and also magazines related to health and healthy lifestyles.

In order to position themselves well in customers’ minds Weakly uses the tagging “Everybody. Every day’ The tagging consumed everyday when desired. 2. Supermarket Sampling In order to convince people to put aside their misconceptions of what Weakly might taste like, Weakly Company has implemented the sampling program in major supermarkets such as Jay Cisco, Tests, Giant, Mindy and so on to provide consumers with the opportunity to: Taste Yacht’s unique fruity flavor Have their questions answered This allowed consumers to make an informed decision about purchasing Weakly. Print Advertising Advertising campaigns featured in top selling women’s magazines and printed educational resources were distributed during sampling to reinforce the messages conveyed during the sampling events. Posters and signage about Weakly featured on buses, trams and even shopping trolleys. 4. Sales Promotion Weakly was able to increase its market share in the market by coming out with the double pack where 2 pack of Weakly drink are bundle together and sold at a reduced price of ARM 8. 50 for Weakly Ace and ARM 8. 90 for Weakly Ace Light. In trade promotions,

Weakly was able to obtain extensive distribution and shelf space in major supermarkets such as Jay Cisco, Tests, Giant, Mindy and etc. 5. Public relations Weakly was able to gain good public relation by facilitating school visits to its factory site. The factory tour allows students to gain an insight of the benefits of bacteria. Weakly also promote their product through internet. They have their very own websites to educate internet users the benefits of the drink. They had also constructed a fan page at Faceable to keep in touch with their customers.

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